Amazon is selling an amazing “tiny house” for under $5,000

Amazon is selling an amazing “tiny house” for under $5,000

Amazon sells budget-friendly tiny houses that can be perfect when you want to spend some time alone.

The Lifetime brand sells tiny houses on Amazon for under $5,000 that can easily fit in your backyard.

Lifetime sells a tiny house on Amazon that comes with a host of features to create a great addition to your backyardCredit: Lifetime
The tiny house usually arrives within two weeksCredit: Lifetime

The tiny house is 11 feet long, and is spacious enough to fit an entire car, according to Lifetime magazine.

With its sturdy steel-reinforced structure, the house is meant to be durable especially when dealing with changeable weather.

The home comes with wide tri-fold doors, large skylights, vents, shelving, flooring and mounting hardware, and shatter-resistant polycarbonate windows.

While getting a home for such a deal may seem too good to be true, shoppers are loving this one from Amazon.

“This 18' x 24' shed is exactly what we were looking for. It's the perfect size for our needs. Highly recommended. Lots of helpful assembly videos on YouTube,” one reviewer wrote.

Other reviewers agreed on how easy it was to put together.

One reviewer wrote: “Beautiful product. The 11 x 18.5 shed took a week to build after the foundation was done. Everything either clicks together or is as simple as driving a screw. The best way to handle this shed is to lay everything out and just follow the directions.”

The tiny house will ship in three to five and arrive within two weeks.

Converting a shed into the tiny house of your dreams is a lot easier than many people might realize.

In a recent video covered by The US Sun, (@MiniHomeMonster) showed someone renovating a 12-by-16-foot house that was originally a shed.

“It's very small, but it has everything you need,” he said in the video.

The small house has a wood-paneled living room, sofa and TV.

“First, we didn't really know what to do with it,” the tiny homeowner explained.

“We threw out my suitcase and piles of clothes and ended up putting a seat (in).”

Looking deeper into the area, you'll find that the home has a fully functional kitchen that includes a microwave, oven, and refrigerator.

They have a smaller bathroom, about four by six feet long that is able to accommodate a full toilet and shower.

“I don't like showers a little bit,” the homeowner said.

“I didn't get a full size, but I got a medium, so it doesn't feel too tight.

Overall the resident and his wife like their living arrangement.

“I love sharing our home with others during the summer,” the tiny house lover said.

“As long as the market is good, we can probably live a little life every summer.”

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