Yakima Police stop hundreds of drivers every week in the city

Have you been stopped for a traffic violation in Yakima? Over the past year, thousands of drivers have been warned or cited during Continuous Speed ​​Focus patrols.

Officers are asked to make a traffic stop

In fact, Yakima Police officers have to make 3 to 4 traffic stops every day, and the number of stops proves that the officers are busy. During the week of August 3 to August 9, officers made 799 traffic stops and issued 397 citations. Figures show that the majority of drivers continue to receive warnings.

Drivers continue to ignore red lights

Officers also investigated 34 collisions, including 19 collisions resulting from the driver not stopping at a red light. 15 drivers were arrested on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol.
Police are asking drivers to be careful when approaching the three intersections in the city that have seen the majority of red light accidents over the past six months.
The intersections in Yakima are located at;

Nob Hll and South Fair Avenue.
Nob Hill and I-82 west side ramps.
Yakima Avenue and I-82 West Side Ramps.

Police hope to reduce the number of red light crashes but the numbers have remained high

Police say several accidents have been reported at the intersections over the past six months. Police say all the accidents were the result of drivers not stopping at red lights.

In the previous week, officers stopped 829 people and issued 252 citations. Police investigated 25 collisions, 12 of which were the result of running a red light.

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