Work is underway on a 49-unit homeless housing project

Mountain View Mayor Allison Hicks and other officials at the site of a homeless housing facility under construction in El Camino Real. (Jamboree Housing Company)

A new supportive housing project is under construction in Mountain View, which is set to provide dozens of local homeless people with a permanent roof over their heads.

Future residents, including unhoused youth exiting the foster care system, will have private apartments with kitchenettes and bathrooms, as well as access to on-site case management and life skills counseling. They will contribute 30% of their income towards rent and will receive housing vouchers to cover the rest.

Work broke ground on the 49-unit facility last month on the site of the former Crestview Motel at 901 East El Camino Real. It is expected to open next summer.

“Converting the Crestview Hotel into permanent affordable housing for at-risk families and youth demonstrates Mountain View’s commitment to addressing the housing crisis,” Mayor Allison Hicks said in a statement.

The project cost, including the purchase of the property, is expected to reach approximately $40.5 million. That works out to about $827,000 per unit, a number developers say is in line with the cost of building affordable housing in the expensive Bay Area.

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