Woods + Dangaran to hide modern “moccasins” in the Utah desert

Woods + Dangaran to hide modern “moccasins” in the Utah desert

Moccasins: desert modernity through hidden rock development

Hidden Rock Development Group is working with the architects Woods + Dangaran To design the Moccasin Flats, which are three houses behind them UtahOther desert landscapes in the world. The low-density project is a celebration of both isolated, rugged terrain and clean, modern architecture. Built among the rocks of Washington County, just outside Zion National Park, the buildings will blend in with the natural context – the stucco walls will reflect the colors and textures of the desert, blending visually with its backdrop and enhancing the atmosphere of seclusion. all residence It will integrate Solar The technology will be built around natural rock formations and arroyos to ensure drainage.

Plot 20 | Visualizations © Squared Design Lab

Secluded luxury homes designed by Woods + Danjaran

Every house inside Hidden Rocks Development KitMoccasin Flats will be bathed in ambient sunlight, as in Architects Woods + Dangaran features floor-to-ceiling windows beneath deep columns, along with courtyards, skylights and suspended glass bridges. Thus, the desert landscape was invited into the ten-foot interiors and framed to create a comfortable and airy atmosphere. Large, open living spaces include gourmet kitchens and lead to peaceful bedroom suites. Every area of ​​the homes, even the bathrooms, opens to the secluded landscape through full-height glazing. The back of the homes offers views of the mesa, extending to outdoor spaces, which will include amenities such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits and pools.

Dangaran Hidden Rock Forest
Plot 20 | Woods + Dangaran's Moccasin Flats will blend in with nature, blending desert colors with sustainable design

The architecture is integrated into the rugged landscape

The landscape elements at Moccasin Flats were designed by Landscape architecture for ground studio Using existing rocks and local plants. The jagged mesa behind it, with its extreme verticality, is balanced by Woods + Dangaran through the use of elongated horizontal structures, creating organic visual contrast. Ranging in size from 8,300 to 8,700 square feet and offering five bedrooms, each set on spacious fourteen acres, the homes are at once large, open and secluded. Each home also includes two-bedroom, two-bath guest houses, as well as an outdoor kitchen, dining space, gym, library, library, spa, sauna, fire pits, main pool and plunge pool.

Dangaran Hidden Rock Forest
Plot 20 | Full-height glass frames provide stunning views of the mesa, inviting natural landscaping into the living spaces Dangaran Hidden Rock Forest
Plot 20 | Outdoor spaces feature fire pits, pools and kitchens, allowing for a year-round desert lifestyle Woods + Danjaran Architects for Camouflage Plot 19 | Desert-inspired exteriors camouflage the landscape and hide light-filled interiors

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