Why hasn’t Dr. Dre’s $20 million Malibu home sold after a year on the market?

Music mogul Dr. Dre Still looking for a buyer in Malibu, California.

The hip-hop legend’s three-story beachfront pad has been on the market for nearly a year. Dre, whose first name is Andre YoungThe mansion was listed in November 2022 for $20 million.

At the time, the high price seemed justified for a number of reasons. First, the property is huge. It is approximately 8,850 square feet and includes a home gym and recording studio. Plus, it’s located on Malibu’s exclusive Carbon Beach, which has the nickname “Billionaire’s Beach” due to its abundance of wealthy homeowners.

But despite the cachet, this one-of-a-kind crib still exists on the market somehow. So why isn’t there “California love” at this luxury beach resort?

An artistic fireplace anchors the living room.


Ocean views from the living room


Basic suite


Basic bathroom


recording studio




On the highway, in the heart of Malibu

It may be carbon beach the A stretch of sand to own a home in Malibu. However, there are some potential factors to consider when considering why Dre’s estate hasn’t budged.

“One of the main issues seems to be its location in Malibu,” he says. Jimmy Camp, a California-based REALTOR® with the agency. “Most Malibu buyers with a purchasing power of $20 million are looking for privacy and being away from the main highway. Dr. Dre’s house is located on the Pacific Coast Highway, on a busy section of the highway. It may have stunning views and is a step from the sand, but Located in the heart of Malibu.

Amir’s methoda coastal real estate agent with Coldwell Banker, also points out that there are many competing properties in Malibu that offer more privacy and more space.

“Many of the homes this property competes with are newer and already ready for use,” she says.

In need of a “Hollywood facelift”

We’ve seen a lot of properties fall on the market due to outdated interiors, and for good reason. Many buyers are not willing to undertake a renovation project.

Dre’s home is by no means a set-up house, and it certainly has contemporary architectural touches like high ceilings and walls of windows. But the house was built in 1993, and experts agree that some rooms could use updating.

“Looking at the pictures on MLS, it looks like the house is a little old,” Camp says. “It needs a Hollywood facelift. Some walls were moved, new appliances, updated flooring.”

Amir shares similar sentiments.

“The house has not been updated, and there are a lot of other options on the market that buyers can choose from that have been heavily updated, rebuilt, and are almost new,” she says. “At this luxury price point, buyers aren’t keen on doing the work — unless the property is something very unique, and the buyer wants to do a remodeling project. Between inflation and the cost of materials and labor, along with the time it takes, that might not be very attractive.” .

For example, a kitchen offers a lot of potential if it is outfitted with new countertops, cabinets, and appliances.

Camp also noted a solid home and new listing photos could be a boon for this property.

Is it priced right?

We also have to take into account the price of Dre’s pad and how it stacks up against current real estate market conditions.

“Market dynamics have definitely changed over the past few years, and even the high-end market — which has traditionally been insulated from interest rate fluctuations — is seeing a slowdown,” says Amir. “Therefore, the changing market has absorbed a lot of properties in terms of price and condition.”

She thinks this might be the case with Dre’s house.

“While the property may be priced appropriately, it may not be priced appropriately for the current market,” she explains. “Dr. Dre may have been relying on the celebrity factor to get a higher price; but when the market changes, even that may not be enough.

Camp agrees that the price of the house is a little high, especially when you consider its period interiors.

The kitchen could use a redesign.




On the face of it, it may seem as if homebuyers don’t like Dr. Dre’s house. Then again, the Grammy winner probably isn’t in a rush to sell the place.

“A lot of these vendors don’t really do that Owns For sale, they will wait until they get the price they want. “Their fame is part of the house, and they don’t want to generate negative attention by lowering the price.”

History shows that Dre is keen to hold on to the right price and the right buyer. The home was previously listed in 2011 for $11 million, then again in 2012 for $12.5 million.

“The ideal buyer probably hasn’t laid eyes on the listing yet,” Camp says. “Ultimately, it only takes one buyer in the right place and time to sell.”

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