Where was the upload filmed? Explaining the filming locations of the Amazon Sci-Fi Show


  • Vancouver, Canada served as a major filming location for the Loading series, with sound stages created for the interior of Lakeview and other interior settings.
  • Real world locations such as the Cecil Green Park House and the Lord Stanley Ballroom in Vancouver were used to capture the luxurious and extravagant nature of Nathan’s afterlife experience.
  • Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York and Castle Green in Pasadena, Texas were used for exterior and interior shots of Lakeview Resort, respectively, while Fairway Market in Brooklyn, New York served as the backdrop for Nora’s apartment in the series.

After death comedy series to lift The film takes place in the digital Lakeview Hotel, but this picturesque afterlife needed a real setting before it could be brought to the screen. The Prime Video series has put a playful spin on life after death, creating a luxury virtual hotel where souls – or digital brain uploads – can live in peace forever. This requires a lot of creativity to Downloads The showrunners and a few locations and buildings in the physical world make Nathan Brown’s afterlife look like the setting convincingly.

Starting with the first season in 2020, to lift It was brought to life by director Greg Daniels, who created a future world in which the departed could continue a digital existence. Here, the living can use technology to visit their loved ones, putting car accident victim Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell) in a complicated place as he finds himself at the center of a love triangle that connects the live and virtual worlds. And of course, the settings surrounding the characters to lift It requires a lot of sound stages and CGI work to pull it off. However, to give the scenic afterlife a tangible touch, real-world filming locations must be used (trans Atlas of Wonders) were also used.

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Vancouver, Canada


to lift Many of its scenes throughout the series’ three seasons were filmed on location, although sound stages were used for the interior of Lakeview and other interior settings. These stages were created in a studio in Vancouver, Canada. Additionally, the Prime Video series used various luxury homes and businesses to convey Nathan’s afterlife experience. to lift. For example, Lakeview Gardens was filmed on the estate of Cecil Green Park House, a Tudor-style mansion in Vancouver that has been used as a filming location in episodes Riverdale And the movie Fifty Shades has been released.

Vancouver’s event center, Lord Stanley’s Hall at Stanley Park Pavilion, was used for afterlife scenes, such as Nathan’s funeral in to lift The first season. A few of the “live world” settings were also filmed on location in Vancouver. The company responsible for Nathan’s afterlife, Horizons, has a building where employees like Nora Anthony (Andi Allo) must report to work, the exterior of which was filmed at 100 Powell Street in Gastown, Vancouver. Subsequently, the city’s Chinatown was used for many living world cities and traffic scenes.

Mohonk Mountain House – New Paltz, New York


The central location of Nathan’s afterlife in to lift Lakeview Resort is a digital hotel modeled after beautiful Victoria-style hotels in the United States and Canada. Although most of Afterlife Resort was filmed on soundstages in Vancouver, the exterior and some interior scenes were filmed at Mohonk Mountain House near New Paltz, New York. Located on a mountain ridge near Mohonk Lake, the views here fully justify the name “Lakeview.”

Green Castle – Pasadena, Texas


to lift I used another real location for the interior of Lakeview Resort as well. The ballroom was filmed inside the Afterlife Hotel inside Castle Green in Pasadena, Texas, a historic venue built in 1989. The Victorian-style architecture contrasts perfectly to liftFuturistic technology, which is an important part of the Prime Video series’ bizarre appeal. Although only a few scenes were filmed at Castle Green, many of the sets built at the studio in Vancouver were intended to mimic the historic design and structure of the Pasadena Events Centre.

Fairway Market – Brooklyn, New York


throughout to liftNora lives in Brooklyn, New York, and the exterior of her apartment was filmed in an actual building called Fairway Market. This allowed the Prime Video series to feature the Manhattan skyline in the background, although it was later modified to make it appear more futuristic. In 2033, the assumption here is that New York City’s skyscrapers will be built higher than ever in just another decade. Of course, like other internal groups to liftNora’s apartment and office were filmed in Vancouver, but the realistic outdoor settings add the perfect flavor to the Prime Video series.

source: Atlas of Wonders

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