Where was “The Golden Age” filmed? It’s all about the Newport mansions and New York State towns that bring the HBO show to life

The Gilded Age Season 2 premieres on HBO tonight, bringing viewers back to the gorgeous mansions, giant homes, and dramatic sets that made Season 1 so intoxicating. Set in the 1880s, at the height of the titular Golden Age, the series follows wealthy women fighting over opera boxes, heiresses searching for true love on the marriage market, and the (mostly) kind employees who keep the whole thing going. The Gilded Age Season 2 doesn’t just take us back to the Russell and Van Ryn/Brock homes on 61st Street. It also introduces us to an all-new stately home, Russell’s new “cottage” in Newport, Rhode Island, and teases the eventual opening of the famous Metropolitan Opera House.

The Gilded AgeIts stunning sets are designed by Oscar and Emmy Award-winning designer Bob Shaw, who has something of an encyclopedic memory for historic homes in Newport, Albany, and beyond. He was the one who designed the main entrance to the Russell House in Manhattan and is the one who has the ballrooms, bedrooms and basements culled from other historic homes to stand out in the rest of the house.

The search for “new old mansions” is something Xu told Decider he constantly thinks about. Even in the “off season” it is and The Gilded Age Location manager Lori Petkiss texts each other at the houses they’re cruising.

“The world that’s most readily open to us is historic properties. There’s a lot of private properties that might be suitable, but they’re hard to find,” Shaw said. “So we’re constantly sending out property listings and things that we should put in our back pockets because I’m constantly saying “We need more new old palaces.”

But in which ancient palaces was it used? The Gilded Age Season 2? How many grand homes in Newport, Rhode Island have we seen in the series before? And which New York cities will the series use as 1883 Manhattan, Tuskegee, and beyond as the season continues? Here’s everything you need to know about the place The Gilded Age Filmed…

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Where was The Gilded Age Was filmed? All about the new Season 2 locations

Many locations were used in the first season of The Gilded Age He appears again for the second season. Which means the HBO show is back in upstate New York, the Hudson Valley and Newport, Rhode Island.

While the Russell family’s grand entry is an ensemble, many of the rooms in their Manhattan mansion come from interiors split across several Rhode Island mansions. For example, the Russell couple’s ballroom is in The Breakers, while their bedroom is in Marble House. The house’s spacious kitchen is located in the basement of a house called The Elms, which plays a big role in Season 2…

One of the most stunning shots in Episode 1 of Season 2 of The Gilded Age, titled “You Don’t Even Like the Opera,” follows Bertha Russell (Carrie Coon) as she welcomes Ward McAllister (Nathan Lane) to her new “cottage” in Newport. The exterior of the house is actually The Elms and it happens to be a favorite of the team behind it The Gilded Age.

“The Elms is literally my favorite house in the city,” series creator Julian Fellowes revealed during a recent virtual press conference for The Gilded Age Season 2 “I think it’s an absolute gem. I’d be happy to move there on Wednesday.”

“It’s as if we’re saying the Elms is a livable area, made for people,” Bob Shaw told Decider.

Shaw went on to explain that since they had already used Elms in the basement, hallways, and bedroom of Gladys Russell (Taissa Farmiga) in New York City, he had to make sure the camera operators would never peak around angles that could ruin the camera commentary. Disbelief.

“When we were shooting there, I was kind of like, ‘No, no! You can’t see there because that relates to New York!'” Shaw said. “I especially had to keep everyone honest when they were trying to shoot on the second floor of The Elms.” Like their new home in Newport.”

In addition to returning to Troy, New York for many of the exterior shots in the series, The Gilded Age Also discover new locations for Season 2 in Albany, Cahues, Long Island, and even Philadelphia.

if The Gilded Age Season 2 will get you excited about visiting where the Russell family lived or learning more about the architecture of that era, and Newport, Rhode Island, is the place to start, says Shaw.

“Well, if they have access to Newport, I would say the trip to Newport is the first job. Everyone has told me because I’ve been studying it for so long, including houses, that if I retire, my retirement career will be a guide,” Shaw said with a laugh. Touristy in Newport.” “But it’s a hidden treasure. You won’t get such a concentration of that era in one place.

If a trip to Rhode Island isn’t within your reach, Shaw said there are plenty of places you can visit, starting in New York City with the Merchant’s House Museum in NoHo. “But I say Newport is essential.”

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