Where can you return Amazon items now in the Hudson Valley?

You found what you thought would be the perfect thing on Amazon.com, it arrived shortly after you ordered it and you love it, it was either not as described or you absolutely hated it, need to mail it back and return it? Or is there a place that maybe it’s already close by that you can walk to and bring it back?

Going in and returning it (after starting the process on Amazon.com) may be easier, because you don’t have to wait for credit, and you won’t be stuck with having to pay return shipping fees. So where are these magical return places in the Amazon? Keep reading for a list of places we found here in the Hudson Valley:

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Where can you return your Amazon items in Hudson Valley NY?

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There are a few places you can take your Amazon returns in person, a couple of which will give you an extra incentive to bring them there. We’ll share these incentives below. Those places (in the Hudson Valley) where you can bring Amazon returns include UPS Stores, Kohl’s Stores, and Staples Stores. You’ll need to tell Amazon you’re returning the items, get a QR code, then bring the item to your chosen location, give them the item, let them scan your code, and be sure to get a return receipt for your records.

Which stores will give you an extra “reward” for returning your Amazon products to them?

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Keep in mind that these things can change at any time, but as of the time of this writing, both Kohl’s Stores and Staples Stores will give you a discount coupon on the purchase of their merchandise (for in-store use only) when your Amazon device returns the items to them for processing. Even though you may not need anything at the time, it doesn’t hurt to take a look, right?

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