What the fuck do you get right about Home Reno Deals?

What the fuck do you get right about Home Reno Deals?

But the point a curse Perhaps of more interest is the long-term investment such shows may or may not have in their communities and how easily the charitable endeavors at the heart of the programs collapse. Despite Whitney and Asher's best efforts to make a real difference in Spain, their work in the region was not built to last; The jobs they arrange for participants evaporate. Although the overall impact of HGTV's current superpowers remains to be seen, some might argue that the network's ratings giants have no choice but to operate with an understanding of their potential social impact these days. “The Gaines Empire has been forced to become aware of its role in the city.” Vanity gallery Writer Richard Lawson noted Fixer upper And Magnolia– Famous husband. “The company has, most recently, consulted with the local branch of the NAACP and the Community Race Relations Coalition on matters of racial justice and given $200,000 to the cause — but its growing footprint has undoubtedly shifted the balance of the city and brought it into the glare of the spotlight.”

Other programs such as hometown They have had a similarly significant impact on their small town surroundings, putting them in a position of social responsibility. “Husband and wife duo Ben and Erin Napier have completely transformed the drab southern town of Laurel, Mississippi, with a success hometown, “Which combines local residents with an affordable home and then gives it a great look,” Lawson wrote. He also wondered whether the national attention the show received might “poorly alter the social fabric of a city like Laurel, where the median home price is about $100,000 and the median household income is only $30,000.” This was the first time this question had been asked of the Napier family. “Gentrification isn't really a thing here,” Erin said with a laugh.

“Gentrification has a negative context with it,” Ben added. “Because I think it's about trying to take a certain group out of an area. And we're not trying to do that. When we start working in low-income areas, we're trying to make that better for the people who live there. That's really important to us.”

Fans of such programs reasonably hope that the images will be featured in them a curse Not quite true to life. But by placing a playful mirror up to the industrial complex of Reno's home shows, it at least succeeds in eliciting some laughs and making one think about the real-life nature of the characters who present themselves, as McCary says, as “heroes of their community.” “.

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