The Stonegate Place apartments in Warren look fine from the outside, but about three dozen residents are complaining of problems inside, ranging from dim lights to cockroaches to water damage.

Councilman Todd Johnson compiled tenant complaints and organized this meeting at the ministry because of him.

“Mold overflows, overflowing toilets, sinks, sinks, doorways, locks and basic fixtures that don’t work, electrical problems, plumbing problems, wet carpets, just a litany of problems that no one should have to live with.”

Community Legal Aid tells tenants at this meeting that Ohio requires written notice to be sent to the landlord.

Attorney Patricia Duggan explained to people that they need to keep a copy of what was sent as proof and mail the list of problems that need to be fixed in their apartment and send that letter via a certified return receipt when you mail that notice so you have proof. She explained that the text will also work and is considered written notice but you have to keep that text.

She explained that the landlord must be given a reasonable amount of time to make repairs. For items that don’t need immediate attention, it’s about 30 days, but if your furnace stops working in the winter, 30 days would be a closer acceptable time frame for repairs.

If repairs are not made, there are options as long as the tenant is committed to making rent payments.

If someone is not keeping up with rent payments at Warren Community Legal Aid, he told people they can see if TCAP can work with them to update them on rent.

“We can start with the escrow process. We can take the landlord to court, we can get a court order telling them they didn’t make the repairs. We can get the cities involved. We can get a no-rent order,” said Patricia Duggan, general counsel for Legal Aid’s tenant assistance program. Community: “The property is back until it is in compliance.”

Couniclman Johnson tells us that the Trumbull Neighborhood and ACTION partnership and because of him the department also teamed up to help residents.

“By providing the legal tools and resources that they need, and bringing people together so that no one stands alone. That will help force change and help this population fight back against these very powerful individuals and corporations who are sometimes very well-resourced to be able to stand up and hopefully change their situation.” Council Member Johnson confirmed.

21 News reached out to management at Stonegate Place but their number was cut off.

We are working to track down the owners and are communicating with the health department for any orders related to the health and safety of tenants.

Some say the Ministry of Health was notified of the problems and inspected some problem areas a few months ago.

There is no fee for tenants who meet Community Legal Aid guidelines.

People who need assistance can call 1-800-998-9454 Monday through Thursday and ask for help and explain the problems you are having.

The staff who answer the helpline will conduct an intake process and find out if the person is qualified and if the community paralegal practices in this area of ​​law.

If the person qualifies for services, they will be listed and the attorney will contact them for an interview, then go from there.

Community Legal Aid does not deal with criminal law