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K. A. Ellis always assumed that if she asked God for wisdom, he would supernaturally grant it to her as he did to Solomon. It wasn’t until she found herself curled up in bed with tears streaming down her face over an impossible dilemma, that she realized that God works wisdom for us in real time by giving us His Word, His Holy Spirit, and His Holy Spirit. Then real life situations where we can train our discrimination muscles. In today’s meditation, KA Ellis reflects on the safety and comfort we can find when we reside in the home of wisdom. It is a pleasure to welcome Ms. Ellis to my balcony today…

Guest post by KA Ellis

“GAnd wisdom gain understanding.

To become wise, we must respond to the call of wisdom:May he dwell in the House of Wisdom.

Proverbs are full of practical wisdom in everyday life. The Bible teaches us that Christ himself is our wisdom—our way back to understanding how to build and live as the architect intended. Those who meditate on the wisdom of Christ will find themselves living in the House of Wisdom once again.

And Wisdom does not seek just a temporary visit from those she has invited. She wants everyone who comes through the door to obtain permanent residency.

Once we set foot on the threshold of the House of Wisdom, a whole new world lies before us.

Just as Dorothy opened the door from Kansas to Oz, the world we are about to enter will be very different from the world we knew as fools. We raise a hesitant fist. When she called loudly from the heights of the cities.

Does wisdom really matter to me? Its appeal was irresistible, but was it really for my little fool?

Even before our fist hits the door, it opens.

Wisdom was waiting for us.

She extends her hand to welcome us like a father running to the prodigal son, and she is so happy to see us walking her path. A warm helping hand, truth, sincerity and security take us by the arm and guide us inward.

Those who meditate on the wisdom of Christ will find themselves living in the House of Wisdom once again.

Stepping through the Gate of Wisdom may seem like walking into a foreign land, moving from the chaotic and noisy streets of foolishness to a wonderland of peace, justice and order.

What is this place? Quite different than the one we tolerate across the street! Is this the transition from the old man to the new? Is the threshold the margin between death and life?

Meanwhile, a new and unfamiliar world seems to return home: the capital H Home; Home to the conditions for which we were created.

Once inside, the door of wisdom closes with a rich, velvety, satisfying click of the latch. Security finally.

Wisdom gives us a tour.

She introduces us to her handmaids, symbolizing the devotional service, cooperation, and simultaneous unity and diversity that we see in the character of the Trinity. The way the body of Christ should function on earth, united in mission and purpose, and in the object of its worship.

Christ has moved us from the house of slavery, the house of foolishness and destruction, to the house of wisdom, the house of life.

Our brother Paul distinguishes what we should be from what we often are:

Now I ask you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all agree with what you say: Let there be no divisions among you, and be united with the same understanding and the same conviction. Because it has reached me. . There is a dispute between you. What I am saying is this: One of you says: “I am of Paul,” or “I am of Apollos,” or “I am of Cephas,” or “I am of Christ.” Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? (1 Corinthians 1:10-17)

We know we are welcome to the House of Wisdom, because this is where we were always meant to be: close to Wisdom’s heart, close to her household members, and safely united in Christ.

So what turns a house into a home?

Any structure can be a home, but it is the elements in it – especially the people – and the qualities they bring that make it a home.

I’ve noticed that even a beautifully appointed home can feel very empty if the occupants I love aren’t there. Of course, in a crowded house, I enjoy the stillness and quiet, but also because of the lingering memories of its inhabitants who fill the rooms and my heart with their peace.

Some of our spiritual ancestors sang from the depths of their souls, their toil and their hard work: “I’ve got a home in the land of glory beyond the sun.”

They sang of the house that Christ Himself had prepared—for the building had already been completed, and the keys had been secured the moment He emerged from the tomb to lead us captives to the door. He tells us that his house has many rooms, large enough to accommodate everything he collected in it. There is fun work at home.

Fragrances of perfect peace and purpose waft from every angle to bless our exalted senses. The scent of life pervades because he is there – the master architect of the structure laid stone upon stone, filling it with the safety and fulfillment of his people.

Look around you.

The architect has placed glimpses of this glorious house everywhere for us to discover, for our pleasure.

The architect has placed glimpses of this glorious house everywhere for us to discover, for our pleasure.

The psalmist saw these houses of peace and order all around him, parting the branches of the trees and looking at the homes of God’s smallest creatures nestled among the branches. “God makes homes even for the sparrow and the swallow,”A nest for herself where she lays her young. . . Near your altars” (Psalm 84:3). These little ones are so secure that they trust their little ones—that is, their future and their hope—in Him.

How satisfied are the psalmist’s swallow and his sparrow, safer than the palm of any human hand. security. Located. Protected and watched over by the Creator Himself, who reminds us today that we have a home in the land of sunshine glory.

As the psalmist contemplates the place of promised peace, he aptly names it like Adam. . .he calls it lovable. This is the case with the House of Wisdom.

How beautiful is your dwelling place, O Lord of hosts. I long and yearn for the Lord’s courts. My heart and my flesh cry out to the living God. Even the bird finds a home, and the swallow finds a nest for herself where she can lay her young, near your altars, O Lord of hosts, my King and my God. Blessed are those who live in your house, who always praise you. (Psalm 84:1-4)

Foolishness destroys. Wisdom creates life.

Wisdom creates life. Foolishness destroys. The devil does not play fair; Hits below the belt. He doesn’t just come for us, he comes for those we love.

So, how bold is wisdom to always remind us who we are with Christ and who we are without. Christ has moved us from the house of slavery, the house of foolishness and destruction, to the house of wisdom, the house of life.

The mirror of the spirit of the Gospel not only shows us what we are, But as we are supposed to be.

To become wise, we must respond to the call of wisdom – dwell in the house of wisdom. Wisdom has called us. Come to this house and come to stay…

Adventure awaits.

K. Ellis is director of the Edmiston Center for the Study of Bible and Race in Atlanta, Georgia.

She is passionate about theology, human rights, and global religious freedom, and her research explores Christian resilience at the margins of society, especially in places where living the Christian life is difficult.

She is a Canada Fellow for World Christianity at Reformed Theological Seminary, holds a Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) from Westminster Theological Seminary, a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Yale School of Drama, and a Ph.D. . Candidate in Global Christianity and Ethics at the Oxford Center for Missional Studies in England.

In her new book, The call of wisdomKA Ellis shows us how to gain wisdom and invites us to experience Jesus Christ—the wisdom on which our world is based. Learn practical wisdom for everyday life. Find rest, refreshment, and the ability to bring life to those around you, just as Christ did when you were Read the call to wisdom.

(Our humble thanks to Moody for their thoughtful partnership today.)

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