Walmart is selling a tiny house early on Black Friday for $230 with clear instructions that customers say is ‘worth it’

WALMART sells a cheap shed that can be converted into a small living space.

The chain sells the metal shed for just $229 and is small enough to fit into even tight yards.

The shed is made of galvanized steel but has no floorCredit: Grab

The structure measures just six feet by four feet, making it suitable to serve as a small living room.

A set of barns can serve as a large-scale tiny house.


The shed is part of the online-only Black Friday deal.

Typically, a shed costs $540.

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The shed is made of galvanized steel and has lockable doors.

The structure is rust-resistant and resistant to harmful UV rays coming from the sun.

One of the main selling points of the shed is that it all comes in one box, making assembly easy, the Walmart listing says.

The shed has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 425 reviews.

One five-star reviewer enthused: “It looks beautiful, was easy to assemble and keeps my garden items dry!”

Another said: “Worth it.”

The three-star reviewer had a less glowing reaction.

“I put it up for sale, thank God because it is definitely not worth the original price,” they said. “Very flimsy, and it took a long time to remove all the sticky plastic from each piece.”

Flooring is not included with the shed.

Small life

Converting barns into tiny homes or small living spaces, a growing trend across the country, can be a complicated process.

Tiny home blog The Tiny Life lists a variety of steps involved in a shed conversion.

A metal shed conversion like Walmart’s offering may require additional steps, such as adding a floor.

It is important for buyers to check any local regulations about barns and living spaces. Many homeowners’ associations, HOAs, do not allow sheds.

Furthermore, there are zoning restrictions on building additional housing on the property in many places.

For example, backyard living or “in-law apartments” are prohibited in most parts of Alabama.

But in Vermont, state law is set to distribute grants to property owners looking to build tiny homes.

Tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular as the United States faces a massive housing shortage.

With the supply of housing units in short supply, rental prices have risen in many cities.

Downsizing to a tiny home can help keep costs down.

Even the largest city in the country has recently gotten into the tiny house trend.

A tiny house pioneer recently unveiled a new home — a build that took him back to basics.

Home Depot recently offered a prefab tiny house for $12,000.

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