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A year ago, the only distinguishing feature of a white, Craftsman-style home in Paristown Point was the brick accents on the front porch. Today, the completely renovated home features a bold blue exterior, a yellow front door, and a Port Kocher-style garage that doubles as an upstairs balcony.

The house isn’t occupied, but it’s not on the market either. Built by Twin Spiers Remodeling in Louisville and decorated by HGTV interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn, the home is part of the 2023 HGTV Urban Oasis sweepstakes.

Honoring history

Upon arriving in Louisville and seeing what would become his next urban oasis project, Flynn immediately fell in love with the house and the Paristown Point neighborhood. “The house dates back to the 1920s,” he told the Courier-Journal, adding that the surrounding homes also hold historical significance and architectural significance.

“We were really excited to come in and preserve the actual footprint of this historic craftsman — but rein back the appeal, modernize it, polish it, make it shine, and give it character,” he said.

Flynn was also careful to incorporate historical forms throughout the house. In the living room, this can be seen in the mustard yellow custom additions, created as a modern design in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright.

The front door—which is original to the house—also represents a modern twist on an old color. “Historically, this (would be) closer to mustard yellow,” Flynn said of the canary paint.

He also made sure to acknowledge the Commonwealth by incorporating local art and horse-inspired pieces into the home. Nods to both Louisville and Kentucky can be seen throughout, including artwork by Lexington-based artist Duffery.

“We really wanted to make sure that every room reflected the essence of Kentucky, whether that was in an abstract way or in a literal way,” Flynn said.

Eat derby food

Not only does the house capture bits of Southern Kentucky flair, it’s also equipped to host parties for the most famous 2-minute in sports — and part of its design was inspired by a hike to Rabbit Hole Distillery, just minutes from the house.

“We saw how they (exploited) all these architectural designs for distilleries,” Flynn explained. “I had my graphic designer design a custom wall covering that was our architectural rendering…of the distillery. So, you walk up to this upstairs landing and you’re transported into something that looks…contemporary Kentucky. And it’s 100% custom % to watch the (Kentucky) Derby.

The room opens to a large deck upstairs — located above a port-coach-style garage — which can accommodate another 12 to 15 people. The garage itself can be converted into an outdoor party area, featuring enough space for outdoor tables and up to 20 chairs, Flynn added.

“The outdoor spaces were given extra special attention, so whoever wins this house can host the deadliest derby parties there,” Flynn said.

Fun functions and features

Like Flynn, Brandon Fields and Todd Shelburne of Twin Spiers Remodeling paid close attention to the home’s function. In an effort to make all the downstairs rooms accessible—while devoting a significant amount of the space to the kitchen—they built hidden doors inside custom navy cabinetry.

“It’s a tight space, (but) you need a powder room for your guests on the main floor,” Shelburne said, adding that the only place they could find to put a half-bath was right off the kitchen.

They came up with the idea of ​​building an entrance through the warehouse doors that open into what is essentially a hidden hallway. “It takes you to the basement entrance and also to the powder room,” Shelburne explained. “You don’t walk straight into the powder room — (there’s) a vestibule (so) there’s more privacy outside the kitchen.”

They also include a pocket door from the master suite that leads to the kitchen, so the homeowners won’t have to walk all the way around the first floor to get a glass of water or a quick snack.

The primary suite has easy access to the basement laundry room.

“Being able to take off your dirty clothes in the bathroom and take them to the laundry room is a key feature,” Shelburne said. “I think whoever wins the house will find that it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but that it works well overall.”

Flynn added that a home’s magic isn’t limited to its four walls and the design elements inside — according to the rule of real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. He explained that during his temporary stay at Derby City, there was not a single day that did not look perfect.

“You could hear the birds chirping, and people were walking outside with (their children) in strollers,” he recalls. “You all have a wonderful quality of life, and I’m excited to share it with the rest of the country.”

How to enter to win a 2023 HGTV Urban Oasis home

The official entry period for HGTV Urban Oasis 2023 is 9am on Monday, October 2nd until 5pm on Tuesday, November 21st. Eligible fans can enter for a chance to win twice daily on and, where they will also find full details and official rules, plus additional take-home features.

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