Video and photos: Castle for sale on the river bank in Hungary – now at a discount!

Széchenyi Castle in Rábasebes, northwestern Hungary, was built between 1903 and 1904. It remains one of the most beautiful buildings in the area. If you’ve laid your eyes on it: this is your chance! The castle is for sale, and now the buyer also gets a discount. “If you’ve ever dreamed of living or running your business in such a magical place, here’s your chance, and now you can get a discount!” Advertising encourages potential buyers.

Neo-Baroque style castle for sale!

Széchenyi Castle for sale in Rábasebes. Source: City Cartel

This stunning neo-Baroque castle makes Rapaces unique, Kesalvold wrote. The building contains 22 comfortable apartments, each with a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette. Although the buildings need to be renovated, they can be preserved in the long term thanks to their local protection.

“Buy a fairytale castle on the banks of the Raba River, in the beautiful area of ​​Rabasipes!” – The advertisement begins. “With its neo-Baroque style and stunning surroundings, this castle is sure to enchant!”

Castle dimensions

Rabaspes Szechenyi Castle3

Széchenyi Castle for sale in Rábasebes. Source: City Cartel

The main building of the castle has an area of ​​1,326 square meters, and it has more than 35,000 square meters of gardens. The property consists of three main parts: the reception area in the middle and a hall that can accommodate about 50 people, including a large terrace. On the top floor of the building there is a fishing hall/café.

The middle wing has a ground floor of 316 m2, a basement of 294 m2 and an attic of 276 m2. The right wing has a ground floor of 120 square meters and an attic of 100 square meters, while the left wing has similar dimensions: the ground floor is 120 square meters and the attic is about 100 square metres.

There are 22 comfortable apartments in the building, each with a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom (toilet, sink and shower) and a kitchenette. The other building on the plot also houses two additional apartments and the mechanical units (gas boilers, electricity generator, diesel generator, etc.).

Needs renovation

Rabaspes Szechenyi Castle4

Széchenyi Castle for sale in Rábasebes. Source: City Cartel

The buildings need refurbishment but have local protection, ensuring their long-term preservation. The castle gardens include a 1,300-meter-deep thermal spring whose temperature reaches more than 60 degrees Celsius, in addition to two swimming pools. The grounds can accommodate several cars.

“This magical castle is an ideal opportunity for a private estate, holiday home, private hospital, events centre, retirement home or even a luxury hotel. It promises to be a safe, long-term investment!” – ends the ad.

Location and price

The castle is located 169 km from Budapest. Instead of 500 million Hungarian forints (1,298 million euros), the price is only 475 million Hungarian forints (1,233 million euros) now.

Additional photos

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