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The Undergraduate Student Center (USC) at George Washington University underwent a variety of changes during the summer months to further emphasize its namesake – a gathering place for students on campus.

Thanks to the Department of Student Affairs (DSA)’s focused efforts to cultivate an inclusive community that supports connection, growth, and well-being, USC’s changes allow for more shared gathering spaces while making it easier for employees to seek help or support.

“The Department of Student Affairs has a vision that says, ‘You belong here,’ and this summer we began to reimagine the University Student Center as a space that supports that vision,” said Vice Provost and Dean of Students Colette Coleman. “This is just the beginning as we plan to engage the entire student community in designing a revolutionary, comprehensive space for the University Student Center.”

Here’s a detailed look at the changes at USC this academic year, from top to bottom:

Fifth Floor

  • The Multicultural Student Success Center (MSCC) has permanently moved to USC’s fifth floor of the townhouse at 2127 G Street. To accommodate the move and to give MSCC more space, the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) was moved. In addition, the International Students Office has moved into the former MSSC building.
  • Now on the fifth floor, MSCC occupies one side and GW Career Services occupies the other.

fourth floor

  • DSA staff supervising student organizations and fraternity and sorority life are now located in their offices on the fourth floor along with the various student offices, so students will no longer have to go to other floors to find staff help.

second floor

  • The Guidance Office opened the Guidance Center and Classroom, a place where students can stop and ask questions. It occupies the space of the Faculty and Staff Help Center, which has moved its operations online.

ground floor

  • The Student Support Office and Care Network moved from the fifth and second floors to one central space on the ground floor next to the Student Health Center. This new space includes seating in the waiting area.
  • The student lounge for passengers has a new refrigerator and microwave. The lounge is only open to transfer students, who can access it by joining the Mobile Student Association and obtaining a code.

DSA is offering two open houses to the GW community to showcase the Student Health Center and student support spaces and services. Faculty and staff will have the first opportunity from 9 to 10 a.m. on September 20, while students who have not explored the upgrades can from 5 to 7 p.m. on September 21. There will be behind-the-scenes clinic tours, meet-and-greets with staff and doctors, and free food – including a build-your-own mix bar.

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