University of Texas at Austin students are unable to move into off-campus apartments

AUSTIN, Texas — Cole Weinman said he feels he made a mistake by signing a lease with Rise at West Campus in downtown Austin.

The University of Texas student was supposed to transfer on August 16, but that date has since been postponed to September 29. But this only applies to floors from the fifth to the twentieth. Those scheduled to move into floors 21 through 23 are scheduled to have a move-in date of Oct. 6, according to emails provided to KVUE from Weinman of the apartment complex.

However, the dates are not something Weinman et al. rely on.

“They were very confident when they were selling it to us that it would be ready in time,” Weinman said. “They said that since they control the entire construction process, there won’t be any delays or problems or anything like that.”

The building had not yet been constructed when Weinman signed on last October, and when the summer of 2023 came, he began to worry.

In July, Weinman said he received the first email from management about the delay. At that time, there was no timeline for when the move would be scheduled.

The emails indicated the inability to complete the build on time and offered two options for students – either be provided with a hotel stay with a $50 gift card per day until move-in, or for students to find their own alternative housing and receive a $200 gift card per day until move-in time .

Weinman chose the latter.

“I definitely feel like we’re getting fairly fairly compensated under the circumstances. But that’s mostly just because I have three other people I can split these expenses with,” Weinman said.

J.R. Cardenas chose the option of staying in a hotel but said on Sept. 22, he was notified that the hotel would not be able to accommodate students for much longer and they would be moved to a different hotel away from campus.

Cardenas, also a student at the University of Texas, said he fortunately had another option through a friend; However, he knows that others will be put in a tougher position.

“The people who are at the AC Hotel, which happens to be most people who choose a hotel, can choose to be there just because it’s really close to campus, so for those people, I don’t know what that means, I will,” Cardenas said.

Both Cárdenas and Weinman said they believe they are receiving fair compensation, but not having a permanent place to stay has made their situation difficult.

“It’s definitely disappointing. I mean I kind of feel at the time that I was ignorant for not knowing the risks involved in signing up for an apartment that didn’t exist — that was still under construction,” Weinman said.

“At this point, I don’t know if it’s worth it to be homeless, like the fact that I can’t go to my apartment whenever I want to, or, you know, I can’t sleep in my room,” Cardenas added. “My own bed, and it’s been almost a month and a half now that I can’t sleep in my own bed.”

KVUE reached out to the leasing office Sunday by phone and email about the location. One of the people who answered the phone said there was no one available to comment and we would have to wait to speak to a manager on a weekday when someone was in the office.

Students said the next update they are supposed to receive on the move-in date is Sept. 26.

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