Tiny houses or RVs anywhere

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It’s not a T-90 or an Abrams tank, But I’m still interested in moving to a tiny house even though it generally looks like homes built on trailers, which makes me long for an Airstream or something. OTOH, if I can’t clean my current place, why should I reward my stubbornness with a mobile home or RV.

It raises all kinds of questions about what type of land/property am I going to put my “home” on or am I committed to doing the Lanny Flank thing and wandering around Walmart parking lots. The real question is how much space does one need to live “comfortably” or even to “spark joy.” Because the RV is the rallying point, even if David Mamet declined writing credit for the film, Ronin.

Airstream makes the Interstate
The 19X Highway features a versatile rear garage/dinette/Airstream transom bed
Luxury prefab container foldable/expandable small housing unit www.etsy.com/…

I have a hard time determining what is true; The threesomes, the estranged family, the rich brother, and the day he had a car.

Maybe he just wants to reinvent himself in his mind to escape the monotony of living in a wooden box, before eventually ending up in a real coffin.


210,000 Hong Kong residents live in one of thousands of illegally subdivided apartments in the city. Some are so small that they are called cages and coffins.

The numbers are amazing. The gap between rich and poor in Hong Kong is now at its widest in nearly half a century, and among the starkest in the world. It makes the world proud Longer working hours And the Highest rents. Wages did not keep up with rent, which rose by a percentage Nearly a quarter Over the past six years. Housing prices have more than tripled over the past decade.

The average home price is more than 20 times the median annual household income.



a One bed apartment (Chinese: One bed apartment), also called Cage house (Basket house), The coffin chamberor Coffin houseit kind of is residence It is large enough for one bunk bed surrounded by a metal cage.(1): 23 This type of residence Originating in Hong Kong, it is mainly found in older urban areas e.g sham shui bu, mong kok, To Kwa Wan, and Tai Kok Tsui. In 2007, there were approximately 53,200 people living in the cage Houses in Hong Kong.(2)

In general, the population is low-income, including the elderly, drug users, and some low-skilled or unskilled workers.(3) Reports from Hong Kong Legislative Council I found that people living in cage homes were the ones who didn’t qualify Social care, or Supported Rent or electricity.(4) Most of the population is male. Safety and other living conditions in apartments with bed space are often poor.

Although they are often called cage homes, they were classified as “bed space apartments” before Hong Kong Government. According to the Bedspace Apartment Act, the term “bedspace apartment” refers to a home containing 12 or more people who rent bedspaces individually. It is legal to operate these bed-space apartments, but owners must first apply for a special license.(5)(6)

Today, people still live in cage houses because the Hong Kong government established an individual registration system for public housing applications and reduced public housing quotas. In addition, according to the rule already in place before delivery and then copied to Hong Kong Basic LawNew immigrants must wait seven years to become Hong Kong permanent residents. As such, poor migrants are often forced to live in bed-sized apartments until they earn a salary Hong Kong ID card.(4)



Hong Kong’s real estate market is consistently rated as… The lowest cost in the world.


Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. With seven million people living in an area of ​​423 square miles, space is scarce and living conditions are often unbearable. According to the Community Organizing Association, more than 10,000 people in Hong Kong live in small “pod apartments” created by dividing already small apartments into smaller units. One square foot of real estate in Hong Kong costs about $1,300 on average. Compared to New York, rents in Hong Kong are 35% higher.

Wide-angle photos were taken by mounting a camera with a wide-angle lens to the ceiling, then taking the photo from a distance. In this way, the photographer was able to capture the narrow space in one shot, showing even the smallest details.


You can also grow plants the size of chili peppers and beans. Stacked pot planters are another great option for growing food in small spaces. Herb cultivation. When someone asks me what one thing they should grow, I always tell them to grow herbs. www.homestead.org/…

There is a misconception that you need a lot of space to grow your own organic food. The truth is, you would be amazed at the amount of food that can be grown in a small area. Fresh, organic produce is great for your health, and working with plants is actually very therapeutic. So, if you live in a small space, there is no excuse not to grow food in your small space!

Window farms are an incredibly efficient way to grow food in a small area. Most window farms are made from old soda bottles and use a small pump and hydroponic systems to grow food. They are often created as DIY projects and the best part is that there is a growing movement of window planters around the world to learn from. You can find complete instructions and a very active community forum on window gardening at this site.

AquaFarm is a small water park. Fertilizer from the fish below is used to help provide nutrients to the plants grown in the container above. Well, you won’t be able to feed your entire family with this system, but it’s a great way to liven up your space, grow organic herbs in your kitchen, and get a new pet fish while you’re at it.


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