Thrilled by all things scary? Massachusetts is loaded with these

Here’s a weird question, Berkshire County, but let me ask: What do you think the probability of buying a home in Massachusetts is? Haunted?

Well, according to a new study, the probability rate is very high. At least, high enough to put Massachusetts in the top five nationwide. Do you find that scary? Or do you find the concept of living in a supposedly haunted residence a tremendous idea? Or will you simply never think about it again?

HomeAdvisor, the digital company that connects homeowners local Maintenance, remodeling, and home improvement professionals recently conducted a study. They wanted to know about the potential haunted house purchases across the country.

The HomeAdvisor team first looked at all the homes currently for sale in each state, then took that data and compared it to the number of “haunted” homes in each state. Apparently, a “haunted house” is a residence where some sort of “scary” or “creepy” activity such as a murder or supernatural activity takes place.

And imagine what? The Bay State is rated as the fifth highest state in America with a high probability of purchasing a haunted home. The Commonwealth is full of “haunted homes” available for purchase, with a 23.5% chance rate.

As it turns out, although Massachusetts was the only New England state to make the top five, the rest of the New England states, with the exception of Maine and Vermont, have a probability rate of having a haunted house of 15% or higher, making the Northeast one of the most Haunted areas in America.

Outside of Massachusetts, here are the other four states that make up the top 5 states for haunted houses:

  1. New Jersey – 30.2% probability of being haunted
  2. Ohio – 29.9% probability of being haunted
  3. New York – 27.4% probability of being haunted
  4. New Hampshire – 26.9% probability of being haunted

Interestingly, which region of the country was the probability of purchasing a haunted house generally lowest? the South. Apparently, ghosts do not like the abundance of sunlight and warm weather. For example, the probability of purchasing a haunted property in Florida is only 6%.

Check out the study for yourself on HomeAdvisor here. that it Frighteningly good!

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