This is the worst waste of money of Colorado tourist attractions

When it comes to Colorado, we have a lot of great places to welcome visitors from out of state. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone in Colorado. Rocky Mountain National Park is for nature lovers, Red Rocks is for concert lovers, Mile High Stadium is for sports fans, and world-class breweries are for craft beer lovers.

There are many tourist attractions in Colorado. Although we have some great places where you can make great memories, there may be a few places that feel like a waste of money. Before Casa Bonita temporarily closed, I heard people say it was a waste of time and money. Needless to say, I laughed at that statement. Casa Bonita is and always will be a true Colorado treasure.

Is this Colorado tourist attraction a waste of money?

Go Banking Rates recently put together a list of tourist attractions in every state that are a waste of money. According to Go Banking Rates, the biggest money-wasting tourist attraction in Colorado is Four Corners Monument.

It takes time to get there, there are no accommodations, and the nearest gas station, according to the park’s official website, is 30 miles away.

Due to long wait times, lack of electricity and water, and park closures due to inclement weather, it may take some time to arrive, wait, and take the desired photo, ending the experience after the first few clicks.

He said go to banking rates.

Four Corners Monument in Colorado

Four Corners Monument is the only area in the United States where you can park in four states at once. Those states include Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. Entrance fee is $8 per person paid either in advance or in person. The Four Corners Monument page states that visitors should be well prepared Inclement weather and long wait times.

With an entrance fee of $8 per person, can you really justify the time it takes to travel to the monument, pay the entrance fee, and park in four states at once? Only you can make that justification on your Colorado road trip.

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