This is how Sofia Richie makes her bathroom look more elegant |

“Hidden Wealth” interiors are all about understated elegance and expertly applied neutral colors. There’s no doubt that Sofia Richie, dubbed the “queen of the quiet luxury trend,” has perfected the look. From her wardrobe to her wedding to her home, the influencer exudes timeless, neutral style. A peek into Sofia’s bathroom reveals that her love of old-money aesthetics extends to even the most everyday spaces.

Sofia Richie’s bathroom is a warm, neutral oasis. Simple white marble tiles with gray veins cover the floor, highlighted by gray paneled walls. Above it, a simple and elegant crystal chandelier fills the space with light. But what makes Sofia’s bathroom design look so elegant? Our interior designers have given us the scoop, so you can recreate its laid-back, luxurious look in your own home.


Elegant lazy girl cake 🫶🏼

♬ original sound – Sofia Richie Grainge

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