This front door color will elevate almost every home in 2024 |

There are experts in the field of curb appeal, and then there’s John Gidding, the HGTV personality whose advice has earned him international standing on all things front yard. So, when John shares the one color that’s almost guaranteed to make our homes stand out, we listen.

“When I’m asked to choose a front door color, I often give people the catchy term, jewel tones. If I had to pick one jewel color, usually, I would say ruby ​​because it goes with almost every door and every house color. But this year, going forward to 2024, I will change that and ask people to switch to emerald.

Although the houses differ in their appearance,… Curb appeal The host says this stunning color is versatile enough to impress almost all front doors — which means we’ve just found the safe tone we didn’t know we needed. But what makes emeralds so transformative?

Green front door

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“The beauty of jewelery tones, such as emerald, is that they should be rich and deep. “They look very good on doors,” explains John. “The whole door itself seems to be a jewel. And if you’re lucky enough to have a few panels on your door, they’ll catch the light, shine and draw people towards your front door.’

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