This custom gooseneck tiny house is a wonderful example of luxury tiny living

More and more people are accepting that happiness is not about material possessions and are embracing the idea of ​​living a simple life. Since the principles of minimalism go hand in hand with the philosophy of small living, individuals from all walks of life have decided to downsize their living spaces and enjoy the freedom that comes with this lifestyle.

Given how tiny homes have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, builders have mastered the art of using space wisely in order to make low-square dwellings look like their regular-sized counterparts. Tiny Heirloom from Portland, Oregon, is a trusted tiny home manufacturer known for the quality and creativity of their homes, and Kingston’s design is a testament to their exceptional craftsmanship.

The Tiny Heirloom team has extensive experience building tiny homes, and along with their Signature Series line that includes tiny homes in all shapes, sizes and styles, the company also manufactures custom miniature dwellings, offering owners the opportunity to have a say in the design of their dream home.

A great design for a traveling couple or a small family, the Kingston Tiny House on Wheels features a cozy living room, two bedrooms, a beautiful kitchen and a spa-like bathroom. This model harmoniously blends simplicity, comfort and off-the-grid capabilities for those who want to experience life on the road without sacrificing modern conveniences.

Photo: Little Heirloom

Built on a gooseneck trailer for easy towing and moving, the Kingston tiny house is packed with practical living solutions. Mobile dwellings with a curved shape are the most convenient solution for those who love spaciousness, because they allow for floor plans that take advantage of every square inch of space for increased functionality. This is how this model manages to incorporate not one but two bedrooms in a way that nothing feels crowded.

Furthermore, this model’s generous footprint made it possible to include special features rarely found in small homes, such as a full-height bedroom, a residential-style bathroom ready to meet the needs of the entire family, a fireplace in the living room, and plenty of storage solutions.

The modern exterior design with a combination of metal siding and wood accents around the entrance door reveals the richness of this home at first glance. Once you walk inside, you’ll soon realize that the builders did a great job of making the small space look as lively as ever.

Large windows allow plenty of natural light to flood in, and a neutral color palette of soothing, soothing gray tones gives the space a clean look. White walls and high ceilings also add to the overall feeling of spaciousness.

Kingston tiny house on wheels

Photo: Little Heirloom

A fully lit entrance door welcomes you into the living room, which can have a large sofa and a storage cupboard with a coffee table in between and still have some room to roam. There are also a couple of floating wooden shelves that add a touch of rustic vibe to the space. There is a wall-mounted TV and a small electric fireplace in the attractive lounge area.

As in most small homes, the kitchen is at the heart of the design. Not only is it beautiful, it’s also spacious and offers a complete cooking setup that even the most ambitious chef will appreciate. It’s filled with storage cabinets and features a beautiful granite countertop that makes everything look clean and organized.

The kitchen manages to impress in terms of functionality too, as it comes equipped with a myriad of modern, energy-efficient appliances, including a three-burner stove, range hood, oven, microwave, and apartment-sized refrigerator. . A white farmhouse sink adds flair and function to the cooking area.

Kingston tiny house on wheels

Photo: Little Heirloom

The storage needs of the residents of this home are met with several storage solutions. The kitchen area has plenty of upper and lower cabinets, as well as some floating shelves. Opposite the kitchen, there is a staircase leading to the loft, which includes a large cupboard underneath. The staircase leading up to the curvaceous bedroom also hides some storage space, as does the large bed set within the room.

As mentioned earlier, a Kingston tiny house can easily accommodate a family of four. The gooseneck houses one of the sleeping quarters and can comfortably fit a king-sized bed. This can serve as a master bedroom, providing much-needed privacy with a barn-style sliding door.

The secondary sleeping space is located in the loft, which can also sleep two people. Although it doesn’t have a fixed height, it feels roomy enough and is flooded with natural light through no less than three windows.

Kingston tiny house on wheels

Photo: Little Heirloom

The bathroom is located below the loft and is separated from the rest of the house by a hidden pocket door. This is a gorgeous bathroom with a bright white double sink, glass-enclosed shower stall and toilet.

Two skylights in the common area add to the character of this home, while the large rooftop solar array, which allows for off-grid living, is this home’s main feature.

Tiny Heirloom has outdone themselves many times over, and the Kingston tiny house is one of their most impressive designs. This is a great luxury mobile home for a small family who wants to move around and enjoy life from one city to another.

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