The Upland Family Moves Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion to the Inland Empire – Daily News

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Steve Grossberg and his daughter Savannah stand next to their Disneyland-inspired Haunted Mansion Halloween decorations in the front yard of their Upland home on Monday, October 30, 2023. (Photo by Watchara Phumisinda, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

The happy chase had come true and had turned grim, and the smiling ghosts had come out to mingle in a Highland house.

The Grossberg family and a few of their friends got together to recreate beloved scenes from Disneyland’s beloved Haunted Mansion ride just in time for Halloween.

The ride, which opened in August 1969 and spawned a live-action film this year, takes guests through the grand mansion filled with 999 spirits in a buggy accompanied by everyone’s favorite ghost host.

The Grossbergs drew inspiration from the Swinging Awakening to bring favorites such as the Barber Shop Quartet of Singing Busts, a hearse with a skeletal horse, and The Man Who Installs Himself in His Shrine to life in the Inland Empire.

Steve Grossberg said the inspiration for the Haunted Mansion theme came from his youngest daughter, Savannah Grossberg. The family usually recreates a pirate ship in their yard, and after nearly two decades, his daughter came up with a new theme and the whole family took it.

“We got a lot of smiles,” Grossberg said of the new theme. “People stop and take pictures and talk to us all day long while we’re building here, so it’s great.”

To see the Haunted Mansion, visit the Grossberg House on North Vallejo Way between San Antonio and Euclid Avenue in Upland.

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