The Twins Houses, Wellington, New Zealand

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September 15, 2023

Design: First Light

Location: Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand

The Twins Wellington New Zealand

Photos: David Hensel

Twins, New Zealand

Set amid the picturesque hills of Brooklyn, Wellington, “The Twins” is a testament to the vision and collaboration between directors from First Light Studio. The project, called ‘Twins’, revolves around the concept of duality, representing an innovative solution to the challenges posed by Wellington’s housing market while embodying the principles of sustainability and community.

Birth of twins: The story of the ‘twins’ found its roots in an unexpected encounter that led to the acquisition of nearly 1,200 square meters of densely vegetated Wellington Hills. Although zoned residential, the land remained inaccessible to vehicles for more than a century. The project was designed with a noble aim – to create two distinct homes for two young families who share a common dream. In the pre-Covid-19 housing market, this innovative approach provided an opportunity to think outside traditional boundaries and pool resources and skills.

In order to optimize resources and enhance economic sustainability, it made sense to repeat the same basic scheme twice. However, this repetition was far from monotonous. While both houses share a common core, each has evolved into unique and distinct entities, showcasing the idea that unity can be found in diversity. “Twins” is a testament to the art of creating something extraordinary while adhering to common principles.

The Twins Wellington New Zealand The Twins Wellington New Zealand

Both homes have an impressive 7-star rating and have been meticulously designed using passive house principles. With three bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a separate laundry room, and an open-plan living environment, with a total area of ​​136 square metres, these homes are designed to accommodate growing families while minimizing their environmental footprint. Upstairs, separating the bedrooms and bathrooms from the living spaces ensures acoustic comfort for sleeping children. The ground floor opens mostly towards the north along the long axis of the site, capturing the warmth of the sun throughout the day thanks to its elevated position at the peak of the valley.

The Twins Wellington New Zealand

The two homes are strategically offset from each other, not only to maximize their individual views of the lush green belt, but also to create pathways for access to sunlight throughout the day. This thoughtful location allows the two homes to serve as meeting points for neighbors looking for interaction or as havens for moments of solitude and privacy.

The Twins project, despite its challenges, is an inspiring model of co-design and co-construction. It underscores the potential for collaboration to create healthy, sustainable homes in the heart of Wellington. As a manifestation of innovation, community spirit and environmental awareness, “Twins” stands tall, offering a glimpse of a future where housing is not just about shelter, but also about shared dreams and a harmonious lifestyle.

The Twins Wellington New Zealand

The Twins in Wellington, NZ – building information

Project size: 136 square meters
Site area: 1200 square meters
Completion date: 2022
Building levels: 2

The Twins Wellington New Zealand

Photography: David Hensel

Images/information received from The Twins, Wellington, NZ on 150923

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

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