The transfer of Gilswick Bay community assets has been approved by Cabinet

The transfer of waterfront sites in Pembrokeshire to a community group was backed by senior councilors last week.

A former caravan park in Gilswick Bay has sat dormant for many years, but locals are now keen to see it restored as an important asset to the Hopperstone and Hacken communities.

The Gileswick Bay Development Association hopes to develop the former Gileswick caravan park into a high-quality holiday park featuring log cabins, shepherds’ huts, camping facilities and a caravan site.

The phased project will extend to providing forest trails, sports areas, café facilities and workshops, in addition to a resource center for local organisations, associations and schools.

There will also be a green space dedicated to the wellbeing of communities, with ecotherapy courses and rural craft opportunities.

Members of Pembrokeshire County Cabinet, at their meeting in September, were asked to approve the disposition of the Community Asset Transfer (CAT) of land at Gelswick Bay.

A report to members said: “Land in Gelswick Bay has been identified as a potential CAT area and expressions of interest (EOI) have been invited.

Two detailed expressions of interest were submitted and, following review by Cabinet at their meeting on 7 November 2022, it was agreed that the Gileswick Bay Development Association would be invited to move to the next stage of the process.

“Cabinet was advised on 3 July that due diligence checks were continuing to ensure that any permitted levels of subsidy control would not be breached. Some questions have also been raised about whether the proposal complies with the CAT standards and further provision is required. the information.

“The relevant checks have now been completed and a recommendation can now be made for consideration by Cabinet.”

Moving consent, Cabinet Member for Place, Region and Climate Change Paul Miller said: “We have considered this in Cabinet previously, and I have always been a supporter of this proposal, both in what they are doing and in principle.

“I think this is a great opportunity for Hoberston and Hacken to create something sustainable for their communities.”

Members unanimously agreed to delegate authority to the Assistant Chief Executive to conclude a long-term lease, “taking appropriate and appropriate measures to protect the assets and interests of the Council and to deliver the business plan”.

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