The town near Surrey where ULEZ applies is only half way

Coulsdon and its smaller neighbour to the south, Old Coulsdon, is a commuter town that was historically part of Surrey. Located just over four miles south of central Croydon, the town has firmly established its place in Greater London.

And although Surrey may no longer officially be able to call Coulsdon after itself, many still have a proud association with the leafy town. But although being in a London borough has its benefits, many Coulsdon residents have recently been angry about the controversial ULEZ plan and how it will affect their border town.

On a wet and windy weekday, the Local Democratic Reporting Service (LDRS) spoke to long-time Coulsdon residents Andy and Anne Dalby about the ULEZ issue. Andy told LDRS: “The ULEZ is difficult for people who can’t afford much. This main street is covered by ULEZ, but up the road, you can leave the area. Half the city is covered by it, it’s just down the road in Burley. It seems ridiculous Very, but I think they have to stop it somewhere.

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“I know working-class families with children I have taught who have to change their route to school just so they can avoid the ULEZ,” said Anne, a teacher who has taught children in several local schools.

Local businessman Gary Beckett, who has run the Advanced Printing shop in Brighton Road for 33 years, also acknowledged the changes ULEZ has brought about. Inside his store, Gary told LDRS: “ULEZ and parking are the two biggest issues at the moment. There are too many people standing here all day with the hourly ticket, and they keep feeding the meters and taking up space. There’s also the ULEZ issue but that’s the same in Everywhere. We have become calmer since the ULEZ came out but I don’t know if many of our customers have had to get rid of their cars. It has not affected us much because we mainly deal with companies that use electric cars, however, they seem to have made everything Quieter and less lively.

Despite this, Coulsdon residents appear satisfied with the level of public transport in the area. Public transportation here is good, though. While south London is notorious for its lack of Tube stations, Coulsdon is lucky to be served by two busy train stations on the Brighton main line. Charles King, resident and chairman of the East Coulsdon Residents’ Association, said: “Transport links are good, you can get on trains into central London in half an hour and it’s in the travel card area. I will often say I can turn left outside my house and be in central London at Half an hour and I can turn right and be in the countryside in 10 minutes.

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