The next place for your summer – a log cabin or a summer house

Summer homes are usually smaller than log cabins and are used for socializing, entertaining, or just enjoying your garden all year round.

If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, you may want to make the most of it by adding some extra living space. There are multiple options for those looking to add an extra indoor space to their garden, including building a summer house or log cabin. However, before going any further, you will need to know what that will involve and what exactly is the difference between a summer house and a log cabin.

What is a summer house
A summer house in this context is an outside garden structure with glass windows and doors to make the most of the natural light in your garden, plus a tile or felt roof to keep you dry no matter what the great British weather might do!

A summer house can be a focal point in your garden, as well as provide additional living or storage space for your home. Some people choose to build a summer house for a specific purpose, for example, as a hobby room for writing, playing music, or doing crafts, while for others, the summer house is used for relaxing and entertaining guests during garden parties and barbecues.

In the UK, summer homes do not usually require planning permission, but as always there are exceptions to this rule so you should always check before going ahead with building your summer home.

Summer homes come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. The type you choose depends on how much space you have in your garden, what you want to use it for, your budget and whether or not you will need planning permission for your summer home.

What is a log cabin
Log cabins in one form or another have been around since the Bronze Age. Thanks to their straightforward construction and use of relatively inexpensive and accessible materials, log cabins have been a common dwelling throughout the world for centuries, and even in our modern world, they have retained their rustic appeal and charm.

Log cabins are usually built with thicker and heavier walls than a summer house, using dense, high-quality woods, such as northern spruce. This is to prevent warping and also because the thickness of the logs provides increased insulation.

Log cabins can be built to any size but are usually larger than a summer house, making them ideal if you want to add living space, such as a playroom, home office, or home gym to your garden.

Depending on the size of the log cabin and its location in your garden, you may also need to obtain planning permission before construction begins.

The main differences between the two
Both summer homes and log cabins are built of wood. However, while summer homes are usually built using wood cladding or tongue and groove, log cabins, as their name suggests, are built using logs, giving them their distinctive appearance both on the outside and on the inside.

Summer homes are usually smaller than log cabins and are used for socializing, entertaining, or just enjoying your garden all year round. Although they are sometimes used as hobby rooms, unlike log cabins, they are not large enough to be used, for example, as a home gym or a place for guests to stay overnight.

Although both summer houses and log cabins can be used all year round, a summer house will be cold during the winter months, due to the way it is built and the materials used, while a log cabin is designed to stay warm no matter the temperature. the outside.

One thing that summer houses and log cabins have in common is that they are both an excellent way to create extra living space in your garden.

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