The new Madame Figota magnet is now available at EPCOT

The goblins and dragons from last Halloween awaken the spirit of Madame Vegota on this new magnet inspired by Figment’s Haunted Mansion, now available at Imagination! Pavilion at EPCOT.

Haunted Mansion Inspired Magnet – $14.99


The magnet is a large die-cut template, perfect for decorating your refrigerator, car, or any other magnetic surface that could benefit from a little spark of spooky imagination.

Madame Vegota Magnet

Madam Leota was replaced in her ball by Figment, and the rest of the spooky scene got an extra dose of fantasy (and purple!). “Make your dreams come true,” the magnet says above the crystal ball, with musical instruments swirling and surrounding the words.


Dreamfinder himself makes a small cameo in the wallpaper print behind Madame Figota.

Will you be making your way through Doom Buggy or Dream Mobile to collect one of these Figment Haunted Mansion-inspired magnets for yourself? Let us know in the comments.

History of Figment

Flower and garden 2023 topiary form 6787

Figment debuted alongside Dreamfinder in 1983 as part of Journey into Imagination, which opened just months after EPCOT Center. The ride demonstrated the beauty, power and wonder of imagination to guests and was well received, allowing Figment and Dreamfinder to become faux mascots of the park.

Due to EPCOT Center’s original intent to be an education-oriented experience, traditional Disney characters generally recognizable to park goers were not initially used for meet-and-greets or as walk-through attractions. Original characters created for the park were instead used in this role, with Figment and Dreamfinder being characters that guests could interact with.

Figment has grown into an icon of the park over the past decades, developing a strong fan base when he appears on merchandise, in inspired desserts, and even in video games. It may soon move to the big screen, as a Seth Rogen-produced Figment movie is in development.

Evidence of the character’s popularity is perhaps most prevalent in the frenzy of early 2022 as buckets of popcorn from the EPCOT International Arts Festival featuring Figment have consistently sold out. Although a proper meet-and-greet for Figment has previously been offered at EPCOT, his new meet-and-greet is the first opportunity for guests to interact with the beloved, long-time fantasy dragon.

Meet and greet

Figment Meet & Greet EPCOT 2023 1

Figment made his debut just a week ago in his new encounter within Imagination! wing.

The character did not sign autographs during the interaction, but signature cards were provided. Guests were also free to hug the adorable dragon.

Signature card 1

Watch the video documenting the meet and greet here:

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