“The neighbors treat my house as an extension of their home, they bike and let their dogs loose.”

The family is tired of their neighbors overstepping boundaries, letting their kids ride bikes in their driveway, and letting their dog ruin their flower beds.

The woman said the neighbors’ children had not learned boundaries (stock photo)(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Having a good relationship with neighbors who live near you is important to many, but if people in your neighborhood are constantly crossing boundaries that should be known, it can lead to a confrontation. And that’s exactly what happened to one family when their neighbors’ kids were “riding bikes down the driveway” and their new dog would often visit their flower beds.

The woman took to Reddit’s Neighbor From Hell forum and explained she was “getting close to the breaking point” with their neighbors over their children’s behaviour, saying their parents were “disengaged from how things work around here”. “

“I’m afraid we’re getting close to the point of explosion at our neighbors across the road,” she wrote. “They have two little boys — one is five years old (a year older than our daughter), and the other is in second grade. Our daughter loves to play with them when everyone is outside, which is… Totally fine. But the problem is, over time, these neighbors started treating our property as an extension of theirs (we’re across the road, not next door, so it’s not a shared yard at all.) We live in the suburbs, and they moved out of the city Frankly, I think they are out of touch with how things work here.

“The kids ride their bikes across our driveway, which I don’t mind sometimes, but it’s a regular occurrence during dinner time, etc. Sometimes I’ll see one of them casually running across our backyard. One of them tends to just check in if they’re outside when we open the garage door to go To somewhere, they immediately jump in, come to the garage, etc. This makes my daughter excited which is annoying when we are in a rush to get somewhere.”

But the problems don’t stop there, as the neighbors “recently got a puppy,” so wherever the kids are, there’s a puppy now. “Now the dog accompanies them on their trips and ends up in our garage,” she said angrily. “My husband almost lost his temper today when he was leaving to go to a business lunch, and the dog was there playing in one of our flower beds. Meanwhile, the nanny across the street was watching while talking on her cell phone. When my husband opened the garage door, I screamed at The dog to come back. I’m like oh, so it’s okay as long as we’re not around? What happens when we’re not here, then? The dog almost jumped’ on him with muddy paws. The dog was cute at first but then this got ridiculous. We don’t have a dog and don’t want one. This shouldn’t be our problem.

“The same thing happened one day this summer with the younger boy. He was in our driveway playing on his bike when I was trying to park my car. Fortunately, I heard the nanny yelling at him to get back, so I knew to watch for him in my driveway. But I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have I have to worry about someone else’s kids and/or dog in my driveway. We’re also expecting a baby in a few months and I just don’t need to deal with this. “I hope this won’t be a big problem as the weather gets colder.”

She then said she “didn’t want to have a bad relationship” with them, especially since “their kids get along” but she was sad because she was angry at the “absolute disrespect and total lack of boundaries”, as well as “liability issues if one of these kids gets hurt” on their property.

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