The Louisiana Fortify Homes program will launch on October 2

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Baton Rouge – From the Louisiana Department of Insurance:

The Louisiana Fortify Homes Program (LFHP) will open its first round of grants at noon on October 2, Insurance Commissioner Jim Donilon announced. Homeowners must have a policy with Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Company to apply for one of 500 grants available in the first round. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

The program will provide grants of up to $10,000 to homeowners to repair or replace their roofs to the Insurance Institute for Commercial and Home Safety’s reinforced roof standards. More information is available at Those interested in the program are encouraged to review the eligibility information and frequently asked questions on the website to determine if their home meets the program requirements.

Homeowners are required to create a profile in the LFHP ​​system before applying for a grant starting September 13. LFHP staff are urging homeowners interested in the program to create a profile before the grant application period opens on October 2, as homeowners will need to log into their profile before applying. LFHP staff expects all available grants to be awarded quickly, so eligible homeowners should try to apply as quickly as possible once the application window begins at noon.

“The best way we can prepare for hurricanes and other severe weather is to use stronger materials and construction methods when building and repairing our homes,” Donilon said. “Grant recipients can also take advantage of our new law that requires insurance companies to offer a premium discount to policyholders with hardened roofs.”

The LFHP ​​currently has sufficient funding to award approximately 3,000 grants. The first half of these grants will be limited to citizen insurance policy holders. The remaining grants will be available to all eligible homeowners across the state.

“Limiting the approximately 1,500 grants to Louisiana residents will provide relief to policyholders who pay the highest premiums and will assist with citizen evictions, which is in the best interest of all Louisiana property insurance policyholders,” Commissioner Donilon said.

The grant will cover the cost of strengthening the roof using methods that meet or exceed the fortified roof standard, which includes strengthening the building against severe storms, high winds and wind-driven rain. Homeowners must meet eligibility requirements and pay all roof upgrade costs including permits, inspections and construction costs in excess of the grant amount.

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