The largest aircraft in the world will fly from the UK

Have you ever thought how cool it would be if we could fly places on a cruise ship? Well, now it may be possible soon 2027with the UK based Hybrid Air Vehicles and their latest Airlander 10. Unlike the Scottish TV programme ‘outlander’ that goes back in time, Irishlander 10 It takes us to the future Carbon-free aviation.

Airlander 10 is the largest aircraft in the world measuring over 100 metres 91 meters It’s (300 feet) long, and will soon reach as many as 100 passengers to destinations such as Ibiza, Mallorca And Menorca. while usual Boeing 737-800 Take planes 189 passengersThe new Airlander focuses on comfort, sustainability and “connecting with the unconnected”, rather than offering as many seats as possible.

Hybrid air vehicles want that Changing the way we think about flying. Although the tried and tested methods and procedures have been in place for a reason (and by the way, we don’t see them going away completely anytime soon), the company believes it’s time to think about the planet and its inhabitants.

While flying has long lost its luxury appeal in the golden days, long gone are the days of crowded economy class with a crying baby behind them, and a bunch of drunk people screaming in front of them. despite of Irishlander 10 Being massive in terms of dimensions, the interior is more like a cruise ship or luxury yacht than an airplane.

Image: Hybrid Air Vehicles

What’s more, given the size of the plane, nervous travelers can rest assured that he will be there less disturbance. After all, the smaller the plane, the worse it gets.

In addition, the Airlander 10 will not require the usual airport take-off and landing. Aircraft features Six inflatable studswhich means it can take off and land anywhere, as long as it’s a flat surface (including water).

Airlander 10 inside
Image: Hybrid Air Vehicles

Recently, the company also announced an expanded partnership with Air Nostrum, which also includes Hibernian Airlines in Ireland and water mail in Malta. The partnership has increased from 10 to 20 aircraft, and extends into the Mediterranean region, with routes such as Malta-Gozo, Malta-Sicilyand other links with Italy, Tunisia and Libya.

Is Airlander 10 safe?

As with all aircraft, the Airlander 10 is not exempt from national and international aviation safety standards and regulations. Before it can be built it must be approved by CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)As well as obtaining a certificate proving its safety.

Photo: Hybrid Flights

Miguel Angel Falcone, President of Mel Air and Vice President of Air Nostrum He said: “There are many factors that motivate us to fly the Airlander, including very low fuel consumption, which brings significant environmental and economic benefits; high operational versatility for the ability to take off and land on land and water; The family concept offers between 10 and 50 tons of payload starting with 100 passengers on the Airlander 10, all in an environment that offers great passenger comfort. These are just some of the crucial factors that make the Airlander an excellent regional aircraft.

Tom Grundy, CEO, Hybrid Air Vehicles He expressed: “Our growing partnership with the Air Nostrum Group continues to demonstrate leadership towards the future of aviation, revolutionizing the way we fly. Airlander is designed to provide a better future for commercially attractive and truly sustainable aviation services, by enabling new transportation services and better growth options for our customers.”

“Airlander 10 will make this possible by 2027, and Airlander 50 will build on it. We are very pleased to double Air Nostrum’s reservation to 20 aircraft, and to have their support for our flight and support for our Airlander 50 development program.”

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