The House Freedom Caucus plans to shut down the government and blame the Senate

Within fifteen days, funding for all federal government operations will be gone, unless a miracle occurs (or House Speaker Kevin McCarthy undergoes a personality transplant that turns him into a competent leader, which brings us back to miracle territory). The man who lets people like Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz pressure him Attempt to isolate President Joe Biden, based on Rudy Giuliani’s hallucinations, is unlikely to turn out to be a competent strategist.

The House returned from its six-week recess in August on Tuesday afternoon, ready to do one of the easiest things Congress has ever had to do: spend a lot of money on the Pentagon. they to fail– On a large scale – as extremist fanatics refused to allow the bill to be introduced. They did not do so because they oppose the bill. They did it because they could, as a resilient force.

It does not seem that anyone in the House of Representatives is able to devise a plan to stop them. “It’s stupid,” Idaho Republican Rep. Mike Simpson complained to Politico. We’ve seen this coming over the last three or four months. “I didn’t think we were stupid enough to get there,” he said. Coming from Idaho of all places, Simpson should know better the pit of GOP stupidity.

Another senior member of the Republican Party Semaphore said And what happened with the “Five Families” in the “Godfather” films is coming. “The whole family is killing each other,” they said. “I think we’re close to that now. Maybe we’re at the Godfather II stage.” The member may be referring to the fact of the Republican leadership in the House He decided to imitate “The Godfather” By naming the various factions in the House of Representatives the “Five Families.” To Real Madrid. Talk about self-fulfilling prophecies.

Two of these five are working on a hypothetical solution. A few members of the Main Street Caucus, made up of supposed moderates, and the Freedom Caucus, began meeting Wednesday to Hatch up some kind of temporary financing planincluding spending cuts and border security funding.

And since Freedom Caucus member Chip Roy of Texas is one of the negotiators, don’t expect it to work. What it’s for is a shutdown they can blame on the Senate. I admit it.


The Senate will not accept a temporary bill or a continuing resolution to reduce funding. For one thing, it’s called a continuing resolution because what it does is continue existing funding. Roy knows that. His entire group knows this. A shutdown is exactly what the Freedom Caucus wants, for whatever reason.


“Jury” He doesn’t want that. 71% of Republicans believe a government shutdown this fall will hurt the economy, according to the latest poll from Navigator Research. Other Republicans understand that. “We were never blamed for the shutdown? I’m concerned about the basic functions of government,” said Republican Rep. Kelly Armstrong of South Dakota.

To make matters worse for McCarthy, he lost another vote on Friday when Rep. Chris Stewart voted Planned resignation It was supposed to take effect. That leaves a margin of just four votes for McCarthy.

The stark – and inevitable – solution is to reach out and compromise on democratic votes. It’s the only way to solve this. But at this point, it will take Republicans reaping the disaster of a shutdown to force them to do so.

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