The homeowner is angry after the car blocked her driveway for an entire day

A woman has described the “unacceptable” behavior of a driver who parked outside her house for an entire day, meaning she was unable to get her car out of her driveway.

The car was parked in the driveway(cambridgeshire live)

When you live on a residential street, one of the things that can cause a major inconvenience is parking. Sometimes you may find a neighbor parked where you are, while other times it may be someone visiting and blocking your path. A resident has now described the “unacceptable” behavior of a driver who blocked her road for an entire day.

The woman was left extremely frustrated after she was unable to use her car between 10am and 6pm on September 5, due to the parked car, and has now described the situation as “unacceptable at any level”, reports CambridgeshireLive. Tony Stannard, who lives on King’s Hedges Road in Cambridge, added: “This is not the first time we residents have had to endure such an issue. As a driver, it makes sense not to park near or across a ramp.” “Encirclement.”

Unable to move her car out of her drive, Toni ended up calling Cambridgeshire County Council’s enforcement team at 10.19am to explain the situation, but no one came to help. A council spokesman said: “We encourage everyone to park with respect for others. Those who do not may receive a penalty notice from our civil enforcement officers. We cover the whole city and respond to issues daily.”

“However, we have limited resources and this means we are not always able to respond to all requests in line with each individual’s expectations. Cambridge residents with urgent issues can also contact the police to request enforcement action.”

Disputes over parking can be common among residents, and one person may take home the award for worst parking ever – while parking in the middle of the street. The man parked his BMW in an inappropriate location blocking a total of nine homes from accessing their driveways. The man explained to his neighbor that he parked his car in the place because he did not have enough space in his driveway for his cars.

In another parking situation, a neighbor decided to take revenge on a resident who kept parking in front of his house, instead of parking in front of his own property. The anonymous neighbor explained: “I work from home, and it seems like she goes in and out all day. When she goes out, I get my car out and pull it two feet forward just to block off the space it was in. Now when she comes back, the space she left 10 minutes ago is still there, but she can’t get back into it for some reason.

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