The grandmother who married an Egyptian boy demands his deportation after he “took 25 thousand pounds of her money.”

Iris Jones has stunned the nation by detailing her romance with a man half her age, but says he hasn’t returned the money she lent him – and she wants him kicked out of the country.

Iris was 80 years old when she met 34-year-old Mohammed

It was the unlikely love match that had the nation choking on its morning cup of coffee – the outspoken and funny 80-year-old, and her 34-year-old Egyptian baby boy – and that chat with Phil and Holly about KY Jelly.

But then Iris Jones announced in June that she had kicked Mohamed Ibrahim out of her home after two years of marriage, replacing him with a Bengal cat called Mr Tibbs. Now Iris has revealed that as well as wanting to get Mohamed out of her home, she has asked the Home Office to refuse to renew his visa and deport him – claiming he has refused to return the £25,000 she lent him. Yet despite the whirlwind romance that wreaked havoc on her life, the indomitable Iris, 84, says she has never given up on finding love. Her talk about nights of passion with Mohammed surprised viewers when the pair appeared on ITV’s This Morning in 2020.

More than 40 years after the divorce, she told how she met Mohamed for the first time after five months of chatting online – a 35-year drought gone in the desert heat. Mohamed, who was just 34, had been married for 10 years when they first spoke on Facebook. Within a month, he proposed to Iris – and on her first trip to see him, the doting mother secretly planned to accept him.

Iris with her Bengal cat(Rowan Griffiths/Daily Mirror)

Although it did not go as planned due to a mix-up of documents, less than a year later they were married in Cairo and Mohamed arrived in the UK to live. But just months after their second wedding anniversary in June, Iris kicked him out – and now claims he took her on a trip over his failure to return £25,000 in loans. Muhammad denies this allegation. “I feel violated and stupid,” says Iris, speaking from her home in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. “I thought this would never happen to me, but of course it did.

“The bank warned me, the police warned me, my family and friends warned me. But I didn’t listen. I was blinded by love. He doesn’t deserve a UK visa for the way he treated me. I’m worried he might do the same to someone else.” Bank statements seen by our correspondent show that retired legal secretary Iris sent Mohamed transfers totaling more than £25,000 after he came to the UK in 2021.

After finally separating following months of arguments, she has now asked the Home Office to reject his application to extend his marriage visa. Iris adds: “I know that for the Home Office to deport him, I have to divorce him, but that is easier said than done. I am broke, because he has all my money. He has not been granted British citizenship, so he is still an Egyptian citizen.” Home Office rules state: If your visa is based on your relationship, you must notify them in the event of a divorce or separation.But you can still apply to extend your visa or to live permanently in the UK.

Iris believes Muhammad would not meet the criteria. “His marriage visa is ready for renewal on November 14,” she says. “I don’t know what will happen after that. He does not want to return to Egypt, he hates life there. He was using me to escape from Egypt.” For his part, Mohamed denied Iris’ allegations, saying He told our correspondent that her allegations were “false.”

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