The first walled town Mountain Village is being built in Armenia

Mountain Village, a premium class residential complex with comfortable, safe and high-tech infrastructure, is under construction in Dilijan, Armenia. The first phase of 22 apartments will be operational at the end of 2024.

Mountain Village is the first gated community in Armenia. It is located in a private area close to UWC Dilijan International College. The community’s housing stock consists of premium apartments, townhomes, aparthotels, clubhouses and townhomes. The first phase of construction is the “Terraces” complex, which consists of 22 apartments and co-working spaces. The apartments come in different sizes and designs, designed for young people who want to experience Dilijan activities and large families looking for comfort in nature.

The architectural design developed by PROFORMA studio combines functionality and aesthetic appeal. The complex is perfectly integrated into the landscape. Innovative architectural solutions made it possible to combine urban comfort with the advantages of living in nature. The cascading shape of the building provides a separate terrace for each apartment. The design of the complex is inspired by Armenian rocks and the concept of maximum privacy from cave cities.

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The complex will meet the needs of residents of different ages regarding daily activity, entertainment, peace and security. It will contain a co-working center and playgrounds for children’s entertainment. Residents of the community will be able to visit the sports facilities of UWC Dilijan International College, which include a playground, tennis court, swimming pool and gym. Schools, kindergartens, shops, restaurants, medical and tourist facilities are located nearby. A hiking trail to Dilijan National Park is available directly from the Mountain Village.

The community structure complies with green standards. The principles of sustainable development, environmental safety and energy efficiency are taken into account in engineering, building materials and processes.

The first phase of Mountain Village construction will be completed by the end of 2024. The sale of the apartments has been launched through CityNest Property Management. The company presented the Mountain Village community and condo purchase details at TOON Expo 2023.

the Mountain village The project is being implemented by Impulse Management with financial funding Partner of Ardchenbank.

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