The A+E true crime episode will be filmed at Marble’s house in the 1980s

A film production company chose this house on Lawrence Road in Broomall for its 1980s feel. (Photo courtesy)

What Kind of Home Gives an ’80s Feel At least one production company believes the answer is a 1950s-era Broomall subdivision level.

On Wednesday, Marple police alerted the public that production crews would be using a house in the 200 block of Lawrence Road on Friday to film scenes for an episode of the A&E docudrama “Undercover: Caught on Tape.”

The show is described as focusing on real-life stories of undercover work through detective interviews, video footage and audio recordings of present-day agents.

According to production company Green Leaf Productions Inc., the episode filmed in Marble retells a 1985 crime in which an undercover agent took down a notorious serial killer and Mafia hitman.

Marble Police Chief Brandon Greif said the show had nothing to do with Marble at all. The house just fits the production company’s needs.

“They needed a home that looked like it was straight out of the 1980s,” Greif said.

According to statistics, more than half of the 4,100 homes in Broomall were built in the 1950s, and the three-bedroom house on Lawrence Road fits that bill.

The house is for sale for $430,000 and photos show a pink bathroom, floor-to-ceiling wood paneling and aluminum awnings over the front bedroom windows while the kitchen features updated 1980s style.

Police said traffic should not be affected, but an officer will be on hand during filming and anyone in the area or just passing by is asked to be mindful of surrounding residents, traffic and students across the road at St. Pius X School and the church.

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