The 5 most frustrating roads in Bozeman according to locals.

Traveling around Bozeman can be a little frustrating.

In the winter people complain about snow and ice, and in the summer about tourists and road construction. Of course, as people continue to move to the area, the traffic and frustration continues to grow, and it has become too much for some.

So what are the most frustrating roads in the Bozeman area? We decided to ask the locals what they thought about it, and they didn’t hesitate to tell us what they thought.

There were many methods that were mentioned as frustrating, but we decided to choose the five most mentioned methods.

Main street

Main Street in downtown Bozeman can be depressing, especially during tourist season. From the lack of parking spaces to people towing campers or driving RVs, many locals avoid the area if possible. Throw in all the pedestrians crossing the streets and drivers unsure which lane to be in, it can be a bit annoying.

Seventh Street

7th Street can get very crowded, especially around quitting time. It is not unusual for traffic to be backed up and for drivers to have to wait through a light cycle or two before they can move with traffic. Keep in mind that construction is taking place around the freeway exit, and it can be a mess.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

19th Street

19th Street can be a living nightmare, especially between 4pm and 6pm during the week. Just like 7th Street, be prepared to wait…and wait some more when 19th Street backs up. Keep in mind that there are many malls and restaurants with traffic coming in and out, and it’s no surprise that many people say it’s the most frustrating road in Bozeman.

Baxter and 7th Street

7th Street seems to have made the list twice, but if you’re coming from Baxter to 7th, or if you’re heading to Baxter from 7th, depending on traffic flow, be prepared to be frustrated. With no light, you just have to wait for a space to open up so you can make your move. In traffic, this step can take a long time.

Kaji Boulevard

Many people mentioned “any way around the MSU campus” as the most frustrating, but several people mentioned Kagy Boulevard by name. The street can get fairly busy, especially during football matches when much of the street is closed, as well as events held at Brick Breeden.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

As mentioned earlier, there were several other people who made the list. Jackrabbit, Huffine, and Griffin to name a few. What road do you think is the most frustrating in the Bozeman area? Let us know by sending us a message on our radio station app.

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