Taylor Swift is eyeing European mansions to add to her $80 million real estate empire in cities loved by celebrities like Madonna.

Taylor Swift has been looking to invest heavily in some new luxury European pads to expand her ever-growing real estate empire.

The US Sun can report that a Portugal-based realtor was recently contacted by her entourage to explore luxury properties in Portugal, Spain and Morocco.

Taylor was offered villas in Portugal and Spain, especially in small towns away from the hustle and bustleCredit: Mallorca Sotheby’s
Taylor already owns several properties in the US but is looking to acquire a European base as wellCredit: Mallorca Sotheby’s
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are often the center of attention in places like New York City, but the homes on offer for the singer will offer a much quieter life.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Taylor currently owns multiple venues in London, New York City, Los Angeles, and Tennessee.

But as her global appeal continues to rise alongside her bank balance, the 34-year-old is looking to invest in some of Europe’s hottest property areas.

Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, has become attractive to a host of celebrities including Madonna, who has had a place there since 2017, Michael Fassbender and Scarlett Johansson.

Lisbon offers a relaxed lifestyle away from the craziness of a huge metropolitan city like New York or Los Angeles, as well as great weather and great food.

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One of the places she was offered was in Llores, a suburb of Lisbon just a 20-minute drive from the city center with a population of just 200,000 people.

Described as “a dazzling home with complete privacy,” it’s not the kind of lavish mansion many of her co-stars might choose to live in.

However, it is full of character and charm, with a garden that is “lush and full of fruit trees and rose bushes”.

“This area is known for its enchanting landscape, with green hills and picturesque valleys,” the property description gushes.

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There’s a wine cellar at the back of the venue, which is selling for a cool $2.7 million.

It also includes a garden house, now set up as a studio, perfect for Taylor to write more hit songs to add to her glittering catalogue.

“This bright and inspiring space provides an ideal place to work on creative projects or devote to hobbies and artistic activities,” the property description says.

And when she wants to take a break from her busy world tour schedule, she and boyfriend Travis Kelce can enjoy the pool, cook dinner in “three specific ovens: bake bread, fish, or wood-fired meat,” and enjoy the romance. It walks around one acre.

“The garden offers an oak archway, adding a touch of elegance and serenity to the environment. These majestic trees provide shade and a naturally romantic and pleasant environment to enjoy the outdoors,” adds the four-bed and five-bed sales pitch. Solar panel bath pillow.

It even has a well that “eliminates the need to rely solely on public water supplies or outside sources.”

Another Portuguese option in Estoril (about a 30-minute drive from Lisbon) is triple the $10 million price tag and has eight bedrooms.

“The villa has a traditional architecture and its interior design is characterized by a very beautiful interaction of cultures, with the predominance of the English style, giving priority to the quality of luxury materials used in its redesign,” says the realtor’s description.

“With gardens of unparalleled beauty, the green area surrounding this villa has a special charm, with its carefully designed tropical shrubs and trees framing the terrain of large proportions and the magnificent swimming pool.”

Close to Cascais’ seafront are pristine beaches and all the amenities of the attractive town can be explored on foot.

The final show in Portugal will be in Sintra, which is also less than 30 minutes from the center of the country’s capital and “guarantees complete privacy.”

The luxury villa, on the market for around $4 million, is described as a “unique property with uninterrupted views of the mountains, the palaces of Pena, Sete and Monserrate and the Moorish castle, a landscape classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.”

With five bedrooms – three en-suite – and a Jacuzzi, there’s plenty of space for Taylor to host friends and family who can also enjoy the huge garden area, as well as a wooden library for those who want to relax with a book. To avoid the summer sun.

And if she’s too tired to walk after a long day at the pool or lounging on the balcony, there is an elevator that services all floors.

Taylor has also been offered vast properties in Spain’s fashionable Castelldelfels area – an area 30 minutes from Barcelona – where soccer star Lionel Messi lives, along with several of his team-mates.

One six-bedroom, seven-bathroom unit, on the market for $4.8 million, is described as an “Ibiza-style” property built with “maximum energy efficiency in mind.”

There’s a piano area for Taylor to play some classics, while a sauna and pool area can help her escape the stresses of life on the road.

Another option in Barcelona is said to have a 360-degree view of the city and surrounding area, and like one of the places in Portugal, it also comes equipped with solar panels, making the three-storey villa energy efficient.

The garage, which can accommodate seven cars and two motorcycles, has a lift to the ground floor, while the room on the third floor can be converted into a gym, office or additional living room for couple Taylor and Travis to relax in.

The final two shows are in the picturesque Balearic Islands, which the estate agent claims are “so much more than Ibiza”, the party venue that attracts thousands of dance music fans to their beaches every year.

With the likes of sports stars Rafael Nadal and Max Verstappen owning venues there – along with Hollywood stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and Brad Pitt – Taylor will be in excellent company in cozy areas off the beaten path and out of sight of tourists.

The first villa, priced at $8 million, has only four beds and five bathrooms, but the latest new construction stretches along the beautiful coastline and has a magical sea view located in the picturesque village of Son Servera.

It also has a saltwater pool and a full outdoor kitchen, while the area is described as an “attractive destination for those seeking a tranquil and authentic experience.”

The second offering, valued at $10 million, located in the luxurious Port Adriano marina, has a gym, sauna, cinema and a very attractive rooftop terrace.

“All of these properties are perfect for someone like Taylor Swift to relax and enjoy her time away from performing,” the realtor said.

One of the Spanish villas is a modern construction overlooking the oceanCredit: Mallorca Sotheby’s

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