“Takeshi’s Castle” revives laughter with a new cast

More than 30 years after “Takeshi’s Castle” premiered on Philippine television, the beloved Japanese comedy series returns today on streaming giant Prime Video.

The revamped show will premiere exclusively on Prime Video in the Philippines, and will welcome new challenges and contestants from the now nostalgic show.

Inspired by the gossip culture of Filipino neighborhoods, “Takeshi’s Castle” will feature hosts called “The Mariteses,” who will give viewers a play-by-play experience of the games.

“Takeshi’s Castle” returns with a new group of hosts – Sasa Gorl, Eugene Domingo, and Smokey Manaloto.

Smokey Manaloto, one of the original hosts of “Takeshi’s Castle”, is back. This time, it’s Mang Bi, a former employee of King Takeshi himself. He will share insider insights into what gaming at the castle is like.

“It’s an honor to be part of the legacy of ‘Takeshi’s Castle.’ I was there during the first version of ‘Takeshi’s Castle’ 30 years ago, and now I’m here in this new, better, funnier, more entertaining version that you’re going to love,” Manaloto said during a press conference. “.

The cast also includes veteran comedian Eugene Domingo, who will represent all the gossips in the Philippines by playing the role of Aling Marites; and internet sensation Sasa Gurul, who plays her, who will add an extra layer of humour.

Fun fact is that the Philippines is the only country that filmed additional scenes with a local crew for the movie “Takeshi’s Castle.”

And in true Filipino spirit, the new “Takeshi Castle” will be seen at the local neighborhood favorite called “Yummy Teh.”

“The matches we watch are full of energy. After watching, we lose our voices. It’s hard to describe the atmosphere of our show. It’s like being in a community, walking in, watching together, and everyone is collectively watching ‘Takeshi’s Castle’, something that has not been seen anywhere else.” . Even we were surprised by how well this show was adapted into the “Takeshi’s Castle” reboot.

“I experienced Takeshi’s previous castle.” “Now, it’s very modern, but it still retains the essence, the fun that the show brings. While recording, we didn’t watch the footage beforehand. We watched it on the spot, so all our reactions were real.”

Domingo replied, “Even during breaks, we’re still together. We eat together, we read because, believe it or not, we still have a script to follow, just the sequence. It just shows our great, fun chemistry.”

In fact, the return of “Takeshi Castle” provides an opportunity for different generations to meet and communicate at home.

“Takeshi’s Castle, a beloved classic, returns with a locally relevant concept and excellent cast, promising to revive nostalgia and ignite new excitement among a new generation. We are very happy and look forward to entertaining our Filipino audience with these shows.” Quark Henares, head of originals at Prime Video Philippines, said in a statement.

The first two episodes of “Takeshi’s Castle’s” 8-part series will premiere today, with two weekly episodes each week, exclusively on Prime Video.

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