Subtle details transform this two-story tiny house into a cozy English cottage on wheels

Two-story configurations are very popular when it comes to small homes, not only because they allow for comfortable accommodation but also because of the endless options for the main floor. The Mango Tiny House, a variation of the Mobi House’s basic Mobi 02 design, successfully blends this family-friendly design with a gorgeous country-style design that makes it even more inviting.

Based on the popular Mobi 02 platform, this mid-sized residence (built on a 7.8m/25.5ft trailer) features two unattached lofts with separate entrance and a spacious main floor with a versatile living/dining room in the centre. Like all of this European brand’s designs, it is remarkably light and airy, without any unnecessary extras and with plenty of carefully hidden storage space.

Stylistically, Mango’s tiny house features a harmonious mix of Scandinavian and English house styles. The impression is that it is a traditional country house with all the charm of the English countryside but without the unwanted clutter and with a more efficient design. Like its sister homes, the deliciously named Mango Tiny House demonstrates that color can play an important role in the ambiance of a small dwelling.

The Tangerine, Lemon and Mango are brightly colored mobile homes with stunning exteriors and a sophisticated color palette on the inside. They add a pop of dominant color to the simple, classic style, instantly elevating it, making the home come alive. The Mango model, in particular, uses an elegant combination of different shades of green with a traditional floral pattern.

Mobi 02 Mango

Photo: Moby House

From the outside, the beautiful green facade is highlighted by white-framed windows and a beautiful white and light green retractable awning. Inside, a large custom-made sofa in light green and curtains with delicate floral patterns add a fresh and cheerful twist to classic Scandinavian style with white walls and natural-coloured wood. Mango Hotel feels like a family home as soon as you step inside, but it is modern and bright at the same time.

The huge sofa in the middle takes center stage, and for good reason. This part of the house has a dual function. On the one hand, it’s a welcoming living room with enough space to entertain friends and family members over. The L-shaped sofa comes with built-in storage and is cleverly placed between the front and back windows for an extra dose of sunlight. The compact mobile table replaces the standard coffee table, which will take up more space.

A TV is mounted on the wall with a fireplace in place for the future owners. As if by magic, this cozy living room can easily become a much-needed dining room, something that is often missing in small homes. This is made possible thanks to the same specially designed mobile table that can be placed against the wall, with two matching chairs – enough to create a cozy dining nook by the window. In addition, the foldable chairs can also be conveniently stored against the wall when not in use.

The elegant dual-function living/dining room is flanked by a kitchenette on one side and a storage area as well as the bathroom on the other side. Mango Kitchen is small but mighty. It takes advantage of the full width of the house, which allows for a spacious countertop, large cabinets and multiple overhead storage units with open and closed shelves. In terms of appliances, this kitchen is not rustic at all. The oven and refrigerator are electric, and also come with an electric stove, hood and dishwasher.

Mobi 02 Mango

Photo: Moby House

At the other end of the house, there is also a well-equipped bathroom. A traditional toilet and regular-sized shower are standard features, as well as a vanity and overhead cabinet. A simple black and white color palette with some natural wood accents and an intricate tile pattern is perfect for adding an elegant touch to this small space.

The mango hides plenty of storage space. Two large closets between the living room and bathroom area double as a staircase with asymmetrical steps for one of the upper bedrooms. This funky staircase also comes with an LED-lit wooden railing. It leads to the home’s beautiful master bedroom.

The white ceiling and walls, combined with the same floral curtains, create a cool, cozy and familiar atmosphere, while large windows surround the king-sized bed. Last but not least, a beautifully crafted perforated wooden railing can be used as a firewall. This is the perfect bedroom for a country style home despite the size restrictions.

The second loft bedroom is almost identical, except for a full-height woven rope railing instead of a firewall. Also, this area is accessed via a primary staircase, which is more inconvenient but helps free up valuable space for the main floor layout.

Mobi 02 Mango

Photo: Moby House

Mango combines traditional interior style with the standard comfort features of a modern home. This includes an underfloor heating system and air conditioning so that future owners can enjoy comfortable living in all seasons and weather conditions. Boasting all the benefits of a home on wheels, the Mango tiny is also one of those residences that instantly makes you feel at home thanks to the innovative design and thoughtfully added stylish touches.

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