Step into the luxurious Hummingbird featuring a sumptuous bedroom and luxurious bathroom

Small Canadian brands have raised the bar when it comes to the luxury of mobile living. Builders like Summit Tiny Homes prove that quality craftsmanship and sophisticated style can transform even the smallest spaces into palaces on wheels. Luxury is not about size but about innovative use of space and the best amenities.

One look at a hummingbird is enough to pique your curiosity about the potential delights it may hide. Rustic like a traditional cabin in the woods yet stately and majestic like a family mansion, this quaint abode makes you forget it comes on wheels. Carefully crafted exterior details, combined with rich texture and bold color palette, hint at the exquisite craftsmanship inside.

In fact, as soon as you step into the Hummingbird boutique hotel, you will be impressed by the elegant design that creates the illusion of a much larger space. Your eyes are drawn to the large sofa, which takes up the entire length of the end wall. Surrounded by gorgeous panoramic views (thanks to two large windows and a glass entry door), this sofa reigns supreme in Hummingbird’s living room. It feels like a cozy cocoon to relax in, intimate yet still open, with amazing views of the entire main floor.

In terms of functionality, the same welcoming sofa can be used as a storage solution (with multiple compartments underneath) and an extra bed for overnight guests. At the opposite end of the house, the master bedroom is also neatly tucked away. Like a treasure waiting to be discovered, it seems to be hiding behind the bathroom, completely isolated from the rest of the house.

Little hummingbird house

Photo: Summit Tiny Homes

Thanks to this placement, the Hummingbird’s master bedroom becomes an oasis for sleep and relaxation, like those found in traditional homes. Privacy is a rare pleasure in compact dwellings. Despite the open layout, typical of small houses, this house skillfully blends privacy and spaciousness. The clever design creates the illusion of separate rooms without actually closing off the space and obstructing the view.

Loft rooms may be controversial, but everyone loves a main floor bedroom. The Hummingbird custom bed is not only lavishly comfortable, it also provides additional storage space. The room also has two charming, rustic cabinets and shelves. The XL version of this model, which is 34 feet (10.3 m) long instead of 28 (8.5 m), gives the bedroom extra walking space and additional storage space.

This Summit Tiny Homes design offers the best of both worlds. It boasts the advantages of small single-story homes while still including a single loft area. This results in generous sleeping arrangements that many will find surprisingly flexible for a home on wheels. Instead of a secondary loft room that is usually smaller and more difficult to access, this home offers two bedrooms of equal size and luxury, one on the main floor and one on the upper level.

The loft is located above the bathroom and is equipped with a full-length railing for protection and a little privacy. The smart guardrails can also be used as a practical bookcase. The room itself is a multi-purpose space that the owners can transform into whatever they prefer, from the children’s bedroom to a second lounge area.

Little hummingbird house

Photo: Summit Tiny Homes

Bathrooms are usually the rooms that are “sacrificeed” in small home configurations, but that is definitely not the case with the Hummingbird. This home reveals its luxurious essence as soon as you open the sliding barn door to the bathroom. The luxurious bathtub/shower is an unexpected feature.

The tiles, finishes, and large vanity with butcher block countertop are all part of a surprisingly elegant setting. Gorgeous rustic shelves provide storage space (with an overhead cabinet) and are also part of the decor. The standard version comes with a traditional toilet, but customers can choose an eco-friendly alternative.

Similar refined elegance with a rustic touch transforms the kitchen into a luxurious space. The 24-inch (61 cm) farmhouse sink looks like a work of art, harmoniously installed among the hardwood countertops.

Cabinets of different sizes provide ample storage space for kitchen utensils and groceries. A vintage refrigerator is a practical and also stylish addition along with all the other premium appliances. The washing machine is also seamlessly integrated, with additional overhead storage space.

Little hummingbird house

Photo: Summit Tiny Homes

The dining bar that connects the kitchen to the living room is also a work of art in itself. Made of solid wood, it combines the solid look of a butcher block with the refined craftsmanship of a piece of art. Like most of the items inside the hummingbird, it is both functional and decorative in equal measure. It gets a lot of natural light thanks to the large window in the front, which is why it can also be used as a work desk.

The great thing about this Canadian brand’s models is that they come with many of these great features as standard. Premium finishes and luxury items are not an option anymore. In addition to these great things, future owners can choose from many other great features.

Pricing for the Hummingbird starts at $167,499 CAD ($129,900 USD), with roughly $10,000 more for the XL version. For now, the limited-time offer remains on the table, with places available for the first months of next year.

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