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One of the best things about tiny houses is that you can take them anywhere and change the scenery whenever you want. A mobile home can become a beach house or a cabin in the woods, blending seamlessly into any natural setting. This model designed by Handcrafted Movement brings the ocean to you. Built a few years ago, it remains one of the most inspiring tiny homes for those who love coastal style.

Outer Banks reveals exquisite interior style inspired by luxury beach homes
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Some tiny houses are specifically designed to serve as beach homes for either the owner’s family or renting guests. Others, like the gorgeous Outer Banks by Handcrafted Movement, seem to blend into the surroundings, regardless of their final location, thanks to a carefully designed interior.

Along with the cozy and inviting beauty of the interiors, this small home reflects the distinctive craftsmanship of the young American brand. The harmonious blend of form and function translates into intelligent design for spacious accommodation with unexpected privileges. High-quality furniture, premium finishes and carefully selected appliances add a touch of luxury. The Outer Banks is like a dream beach house that can fit anywhere and provide complete comfort to its guests.

Outer Banks is neither too flashy nor too modest to go unnoticed. The panel and side skirts with Pacific cedar accents give it a modern, elegant look. You’ll notice that all the different sized windows, along with the large glass doors, are part of the same beach house aesthetic, all about bringing the outdoors inside. The small cedar deck with wood canopy system is a thoughtful addition that extends the indoor/outdoor flow.

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This eye-catching little guy sits on a 30-foot (9.1-meter) trailer. It’s not just a trailer, but made specifically for tiny homes by Iron Eagle and equipped with three axles, built-in leveling jacks, brakes and road lighting. Once delivered to its destination, Outer Banks is ready to reveal its ocean-inspired interiors.

The color palette adds soothing touches of teal and dark brown to the traditional bright white of the walls and ceilings. This strong contrast is specific to coastal styles, where vibrant colors combined with dark accents create a fresh and striking result. Various natural materials are used to add texture, along with a skillful mix of brass, brass and matte black hardware.

Wide-plank oak hardwood floors with a distressed look are particularly reminiscent of beach houses. The walnut worktops match furniture in deep shades of brown, bringing out the Zen-like quality of the teal accents beautifully. A striking contrast is also achieved thanks to the dark wooden beams on the ceiling, which also create depth and add visual interest.

Like any ocean-inspired home, the Outer Banks was designed to take in the incredible views. Its compact lounge is surrounded by and flooded with natural light throughout the day. There is also a surprisingly spacious three-seater dining table strategically located in front of the window. On the other side, the kitchen countertops seem to highlight the nautical-inspired hexagonal window.

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The open-plan main floor appears more spacious than it actually is. Thanks to specially designed cabinets, drawers and floating shelves, all essential items can be stored neatly, keeping the area clutter-free. There is a “secret” room hidden in the back, behind beautiful blue doors. The team at Handcrafted Movement designed it as a “flexible area” that can be configured for different uses.

It could be a beautiful master bedroom. It’s large enough for a queen-sized bed, with natural light coming in through a large window. It can also be a spacious home office, with enough space for a full-sized desk and all additional furniture. Either version would benefit greatly from the overhead storage shelves, cleverly painted white so they blend in with the walls.

Having a separate room with complete privacy and easy access emphasizes the idea of ​​a cozy cocoon on the beach. It also makes the Outer Banks particularly suitable as a vacation rental. A medium sized loft can provide additional accommodation. Large enough for a full-sized mattress, it’s also airy and bright thanks to the addition of several large windows.

The loft is located above the bathroom, which is as impressive as the rest of the house in function and style. It’s stocked with all the essentials, but what catches the eye is the large, elegant dressing table with deep drawers. Speaking of function, the Outer Banks cleverly hide the power connections for the washer/dryer unit and a large closet that holds 50 hangers.

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Aside from its stylish appearance, this ocean-inspired mobile home is equipped for full-time living, including premium insulation and a highly efficient split air conditioning/heating system. It even comes with a large smart TV and a base cabinet tucked in the corner facing the comfy chairs. The compact kitchen is designed to incorporate a large energy efficient refrigerator and a stainless steel LP gas range.

This 2019 model is no longer available in the manual powertrain but is still a great example of coastal-style design for timeless beauty.

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