Stacey Solomon’s fans are terrified after seeing “creepy details” in a new family photo

Stacey Solomon’s fans have had shivers down their spine after they claimed to have spotted an ‘apparition’ in her family photo.

Stacey, 34, innocently snapped two photos of her husband Joe Swash and hugged them as they posed in the mirror at Pickle Cottage.

Stacey Solomon’s fans have raised concerns over the creepy ‘appearance’Credit: Instagram/@staceysolomon
They spotted an unusual mark around her eldest son Zach’s pant legCredit: Instagram/@staceysolomon

But after posting it on Instagram, the Loose Women star was met with concerned messages about “creepy” details in the photo.

Stacey’s eldest son, Zack, 16, appears to have a smoky white mark swirling around the bottom of his black pants and socks.

Fans are now wondering if Stacey’s cottage is ‘haunted’.

One person commented on the photo: “Anyone else see the ghost on Zax’s leg/sock, first pic I see a dog’s face and foot but it’s in both pics, weird.”

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Another said: “I see a ghost in the bottom left of the picture. Until I see it in the second picture.”

A third wrote: “Omg look at Zach’s feet.. the white cloud over there 😮 Is your house haunted?”

Stacey takes center stage in the family photos, while Joe stands beside her and holds their youngest child, daughter Belle.

Four-year-old son Rex bows to his parents, while two-year-old daughter Rose stands in the foreground near the mirror.

Stacey’s sons from previous relationships, Zach, 16, and Layton, 11, stand to their mother’s left.

But one fan is convinced she has an explanation for the creepy ‘apparition’ around Zac’s ankle.

The woman posted a ‘crying with laughter’ emoji in Stacey’s comments and wrote: ‘It’s a sign in the mirror.’

However, this is not the first time it has been suggested that Stacey and Joe’s family home may be haunted.

The couple bought their £1.2million ‘forever home’ in March 2021 and have spent the past two years renovating it.

But months after moving into the Tudor-style mansion, one of Zac’s friends left them shaking in their boots after using a “ghost hunting” app on his phone.

“Someone has an app on his phone, and he told me earlier that there was a high reading of spiritual activity at Pickle Cottage. Thank you very much, Johnny,” Stacey said at the time.

Meanwhile, Joe also thinks the house might be haunted.

The couple were filmed watching Spooked Scotland on an episode of Celebrity Gogglebox last year and Joe told his wife there were “shadows” lurking in the corners.

But Stacey told him: “It doesn’t happen.” I live here too. I’ll notice if there are kids in the corner.

Stacey and Joe purchased Pickle Cottage in 2021Credit:
There had previously been talk about the huge house being “haunted.”Credit: Instagram
Stacy is sure there are no ghosts on their propertyCredit: Instagram

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