Spooky abandoned ‘Mansions’ hotel in the Macedon Ranges for sale

A quaint abandoned former hotel has been put up for sale, described as one of the most iconic buildings in the Macedon Ranges. Look inside if you dare.

The circa 1870s blue building at 109 Mollison Street, Malmesbury, served as the Junction Hotel and later became a boarding house known as The Mansions.

The eight reception rooms, 10 bedrooms, conservatory, fireplaces and cellar remain in largely original, although period, condition.

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According to the Malmesbury Historical Society website, a log hotel was originally built on the site in 1865.

Seven years later, a fire destroyed the hotel along with an adjacent general store and butcher shop.

The hotel was rebuilt from bluestone materials afterwards but was closed in 1893.

Stairs lead to the upper rooms including the former main reception area.

Original architectural details remain throughout.

The cellars are quite atmospheric.

In 1900, inventor and businessman brothers Walter and Ernest Hume established an office in the building.

The brothers were famous for inventing modern technologies for producing concrete and steel pipes.

In the 1920s, their company had branches throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Two decades later, they controlled more than 60 factories across Australia.

After the Hume brothers left the Bluestone Building to open a new office, it became a boarding house.

The entry way, as can be seen through the garden.

One of the former reception spaces.

Public records show The Mansions last sold for $220,000 in 2000.

Judy Alcaraz, of Real Estate Kyneton, said the former hotel had generated a lot of interest among buyers, including some who were considering using it for tourism-related businesses.

“In general, there is a lot of curiosity about the building because it is an iconic symbol in the area and many people are fascinated by it,” Ms. Alcaraz said.

“The stonework itself is certainly impressive and the scale of the building.”

If walls could talk.

There is a direct train service to Melbourne and Bendigo just a few minutes’ walk away along with the Malmesbury Botanic Gardens, the famous Bluestone Bridge and the Village.

She described the cellars as “amazing” although she said The Mansions required some care.

“It’s generally in pretty solid shape, considering it hasn’t gotten a lot of love over the last few decades,” Ms. Alcaraz said.

The former hotel is for sale for between $1.7 million and $1.85 million.

Expressions of interest close at 4pm on 1 December.

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