Spiders are invading homes in the fall and here’s how to stop them

Spiders have begun crawling back into homes across Kent as mating season begins. Our eight-legged friends will invade properties in search of warmth this fall and may find it in the corners of your home.

While the sight of huge spiders will scare thousands of people, they are actually part of Britain’s environmental cycle. While female spiders sit patiently on webs in window sills and the like, out of the corner of our eyes we see males scurrying across the bedroom floor in search of mates.

Professor Adam Hart, an ecologist at the University of Gloucestershire, told ITV West Country: “Late summer and early autumn is mating season for spiders, and during this time, the males become more active and go out into the open more. Our homes are also good habitat for spiders, so they are good places to be.” To search for females.

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Spiders love to hide in clutter, so keeping your home tidy will likely prevent spiders from leaving your home this season. Professor Adam Hart added: ‘We have very few creatures in the UK that can do us any real harm, and house spiders, despite their formidable appearance, are not out to do us harm.’

“If you trap it in a glass and use a piece of paper to close the glass and put the spider out, that’s great. If you can’t cope with that, or your glass isn’t big enough, it might be helpful to get one of those ‘grab the spider’ products that “It closes on the spider and allows you to take it outside at arm’s length.”

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