Sophisticated details transform this two-story bungalow into the perfect family home

High-end functionality meets elegant style inside this well-designed home on wheels. The clever configuration fits many unexpected items adding convenience with no clutter. Abundant woodwork creates a rustic yet modern and fresh atmosphere. Osage reveals incredible attention to detail in every corner.

What makes a minimalist home warm and inviting? Is it the large sofa surrounded by large windows? Is it a bright kitchen, where everything is at your fingertips and stored neatly? These days, a small but well-located home office is also an essential part of a comfortable home. Beautiful Osage has it all and more. Built on a 30-foot (9.1 m) rigid trailer, it offers 320 square feet (29.7 square metres) of modern residential bliss.

More than ten windows flood this space with natural light and keep the atmosphere cozy with high-quality insulation and additional equipment (a separate air conditioning/heating system does not come as standard, but the house is wired for that). Waterproof flooring has been added for durability. Stylistically, its dark color adds depth by contrasting with the white walls and brown furniture.

Dark-shaded wood beams create a rustic effect, making the Osage look like a traditional cabin. The whitewashed walls and birch walls give it a nostalgic farmhouse look. Despite its traditional inspirations, this tiny house is very modern. You can see it in the comfortable and airy design, carefully thought out to meet the needs of today’s families.

Osage tiny house

Photo: relative making

What makes the living room stand out is the bookcase that covers the entire wall, as well as the entertainment center, ready for the addition of a TV. These elements instantly elevate a basic living space with a sophisticated effect. The matching sofa is made to order. It comes with a practical storage space underneath, which is large enough to turn into a comfortable extra bed.

The Osage office is so well integrated that it is difficult to notice it at first. Using the same materials and colours, it becomes an integral part of the living room. Its placement makes full use of the available space while being thoughtfully set out of the way. With its matching chair, it becomes an unexpected work haven within a busy home, secluded but perfectly integrated.

The osage bar is another top notch feature. Beautifully placed along the front windows of the house, they are surprisingly generous. It even comes with a matching footstool. Bar stools in dark shades repeat the home’s distinctive contrast. Small homes rarely feature separate dining and work areas. Osage manages to squeeze everything into the main floor while maintaining a comfortable and airy atmosphere throughout.

Having separate spaces for different activities is a real luxury when it comes to small living, especially in homes with multiple family members. Osage offers this luxury and does it in a way that feels completely natural. Even with these great additions, there’s still plenty of room for a great kitchen. Once again, the woodwork is impressive — a 2-inch (5 cm) thick walnut solid surface, matching backsplash, and custom-made oxide shelves above.

Osage tiny house

Photo: relative making

Ample storage is paired with premium appliances to create the perfect kitchen. There is a large fridge with freezer and a full size gas stove with oven. The multi-speed ventless hood fan is the cherry on top. Flexible lighting fixtures can highlight either the kitchen or the bar area – it’s small details like this that show how sophisticated Osage is.

The bathroom is impressive in terms of equipment and style. The walnut countertop and backsplash resemble those found in the kitchen, paired with the signature Osage shelves. The result is stunning storage and sophisticated elegance. Even the door is custom made. The walk-in shower looks huge for a small house, and even reveals a bench for sitting.

It is also equipped to add a washer/dryer unit and an eco-friendly composting toilet. Floating vinyl tile throughout and a vented fan also add a luxurious touch to this remarkably sophisticated small home bathroom.

Osage comes with two rooms in the loft. The master loft, ideal for a cozy bedroom, has 80 square feet (7.4 square metres) and a stunning layout. The same high-quality flooring found downstairs is paired with two large windows to provide plenty of light and fresh air.

Osage tiny house

Photo: relative making

Fits a queen size bed with ample walking space. The Osage railing (also custom-made) and elegant shelves, strategically placed near the bed for easy access, are the refined elements that make this bedroom truly sophisticated.

The second loft, which spans 32 sq ft (2.9 sq m), is ideal for storage but can also be converted into a smaller bedroom. It has enough space for twin beds and comes with the same waterproof flooring.

The gorgeous Osage is sophisticated even when it comes to access to the loft area. For the master bedroom, the Made Relative team created a massive staircase that doubles as a spacious storage area with three large closets. The contrasting walnut and oak tones turn it into a work of art that blends harmoniously with the overall decor.

As for the second bedroom, there appears to be a main staircase providing quick access. An unexpected detail is that the ladder was designed to be stored neatly underneath the Osage snack bar – staying out of the way, and also looking like a decorative piece. Once again, the seamless interplay of style and function makes this home surprisingly sophisticated.

Osage tiny house

Photo: relative making

Contemporary lighting fixtures, inside and out, are the finishing touch to this ultra-stylish and functional home on wheels. Although the brand is only six years old, it’s easy to see that the people behind Made Relative have decades of experience in the construction business. The Osage is just one of their exquisite creations, proving that exceptional woodwork absolutely belongs in the contemporary homes of modern people.

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