SMU in Dallas gets $15 million gift for new program in musical theater

Can you hear it yet? Jingle bells, Christmas carols? Holiday displays are coming, but fortunately most are waiting until they open after Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, there a lot To occupy your time on stage, from Tudor queens to young saints to the King of Pop himself.

In order of start date, here are 16 local shows to watch this month:

Ocher House Theatre, until 18 November
This original nautical comedy features the adventures of Captain Chuck, a Nazi fisherman; Tabby, the ever-faithful tugboat; and Tulip, a French revolutionary who seeks justice for her little brother, Bobby, who wants to become a girl. Together, these three misfits set off in search of a safe haven in a cruel and fascist world, on the most mysterious and dangerous island in the world called Cabot.

I’m proud of you
Circle Theater, November 2-18
In this world premiere, Fort Worth Star-Telegram Author Tim Madigan recalls how an encounter with kindness icon and everyone’s neighbor, Fred Rogers, led to a wondrous, life-changing friendship. Throughout this friendship, Fred helps Tim mend his relationships and become a better husband, father, and brother.

At the Knife Conservatory
Bombshell Dance Project, November 3-4
Part of the AT&T Performing Arts Center’s Elevator Project, audience members can freely venture through the billiards room, ballroom, library, and dining room to collect clues as they watch the story unfold. In this strange cross between theater and dance, all the dinner guests have something to hide, and none of them are safe.

Two children in the universe
Dallas Playhouse, November 3-19
Venezuelan playwright Gustavo Ott’s remarkable story of the extraordinary friendship between two elementary school students whose relationship is confronted by the violence that threatens them, has been translated into English by Heather L. McKay. Based on actual events, the play examines what it means for a school to be a protective fortress of children’s imagination.

Christmas Pin-Up Girls
Casa Mañana, November 8-18
Reid Cabaret Theater kicks off the holiday season with this world premiere, the second in The Pin-Up Girls series, which premiered at Casa Mañana in 2019. The Pin-Up Girls present great holiday classics and some off-the-wall musical surprises as they raise a glass For the man of the hour, Santa.

WaterTower Theatre, November 8-19
Inspired by the true-life story of Charlie Chaplin, the celebrated film actor, writer, producer and director, this musical spans the entirety of the comedy’s career, from Chaplin’s first performance as a child in 19th-century London to his tearful acceptance of an honorary award. Academy Award in 1972. The show documents the beloved actor’s rise to fame and the people who shaped his life, including his mother Hannah, his older brother Sidney, his fourth wife Oona O’Neill, and gossip columnist Hedda Hopper.

Barren land
Undermain Theatre, November 9 – December 3
Set against the decadent elegance of a house on London’s Hampstead Heath, two men confront each other over a drink. Do they know each other, or does each perform a complex character of recognition? Their mystery—and comedy—intensifies with the arrival of two younger men, one ostensibly a servant, the other a secretary.

Be Happy: Michael Feinstein Celebrates Judy Garland’s 100th Anniversary
Eisman Center for the Performing Arts, November 11
Cabaret legend Michael Feinstein revels in the songs and saga of “Miss Show Business” in his new multimedia live show, featuring big-screen film clips, archival photos, rare concert footage, never-before-heard audio recordings, and unparalleled music.

The miser in red
Third Theater, November 16 – December 17
After a widespread case of food poisoning wipes out the majority of the Royal Music Hall’s twenty-member variety players, three surviving members of the company perform Christmas carol Which abounds with bad puns, wicked double entendres, and clever lyrics.

MG Musical
Broadway Dallas, November 21 – December 3
Music. Moves. Icon. Now, the unparalleled artistry of the greatest artist of all time is on display MJthe new Tony Award-winning musical centered around the creation of the 1992 Dangerous World Tour. The production goes beyond the individual movements and distinctive voice of the star, offering a rare look into the creative mind and collaborative spirit that brought Michael Jackson to legendary status.

Best Christmas Pageant Ever: The Musical
Casa Magnana, November 24 – December 23
Based on the best-selling book and play by Barbara Robinson, Best Christmas Pageant Ever: The Musical It is the story of the Herdman family, the worst children in the history of the world. They lie, steal, bully other kids, and smoke smelly cigars. There was only one place she would never see them: the church.

Black Christmas Gospel
Jubilee Theatre, November 24 – December 24
Black birth It is an adaptation of The Nativity Story by Langston Hughes, and is performed by an all-black cast. Hughes was the book’s composer, with the words and music drawn from traditional Christmas carols, sung in a gospel style, with some songs created specifically for the show.

Broadway at Bass, November 28 – December 3
Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. From Tudor queens to pop princesses, the six wives of Henry VIII take the mic to turn 50 years of historical heartbreak into a 21st-century celebration of girl power.

Black birth
Bishop Theater Center for the Arts, November 30 – December 17
For 19 years, it has been the Bishop Performing Arts Center’s annual holiday production Black birthinspired by Langston Hughes’s iconic 1960 Broadway show, is back with a mesmerizing display of hand-clapping, toe-tapping, and finger-picking theatrics like never before.

Poor Claire
Western stage, November 30 – December 17
Meet Claire: a stylish teenager living in medieval Italy, experimenting with the latest hairstyles, and keeping up with the latest fashion trends and exciting city gossip. But everything changes when she meets a man named Francis who starts screaming in the streets. Her mother, sister, and maids don’t understand it, but this man’s thoughts are starting to make perfect sense—and now she can’t ignore the world he’s shown her.

Christmas carol
Dallas Theater Center, November 30 – December 30
Three spirits have come to visit the miser Ebenezer Scrooge, taking him on a wonderful journey through the past, present and future of Christmas. Filled with upbeat songs, magical spirits, and holiday cheer, this holiday classic embodies a story of joy, redemption, and the spirit of Christmas.

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