Shannon Beador slammed for bringing up Gina Kirschenheiter’s DUI on ‘RHOC’ before her arrest


A brave woman who has a glass house should not throw stones at people.

Shannon Beador was criticized for gossiping about Gina Kirschenheiter’s DUI arrest on a few episodes of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” that aired just weeks before she was arrested for her own DUI and alleged hit and run.

Beador, 59, claimed to Jennifer Pedrante, 46, during a dinner party that Kirschenheiter was “about to get arrested” and that her children were “going to go to child protective services.”

Beador then allegedly gave Kirschenheiter, 30, the contact information for a friend who “contacted the DA” and prevented her children from being taken away.

The conversation came up again in the following week’s episode when the cast members were enjoying a day of pumpkin carving.

Shannon Beador was criticized for bringing up Gina Kirschenheiter’s DUI arrest to Bravo cameras before she was arrested for a DUI herself.

“So I have to tell you, Jenna obviously took me aside, um, Jenna told her that you brought up the CPS issue at your party? That CPS was coming for her kids? ‘” Tamra Judge told Bedor in collecting pumpkins.

But the Real For Real founder immediately denied the accusation, even though Bravo cameras caught her words, and accused Pendrante of spreading lies.

“Jane, you said I said CPS was coming for Jenna’s kids? What are you talking about? I’m not going to say that!” Beador shouted across the table.

She then went on to assure the group that she “never said that.”

Beador claimed to Jennifer Pedrante that Kirschenheiter was “about to be arrested” and that her children were “going to go to child protective services.”

“God kill me, then I know I didn’t say anything, okay? So stop flipping, Jane.” “Jesus Christ,” Bedor shouted.

For her part, Kirschenheiter denied that she was in danger of having her children taken away from her.

“this is not true!” Kirschenheiter shouted. “No one gets a DUI and then has their kids taken away from them! Let’s leave this behind!”

When Beddor confirmed that the police would arrest her in the morning, saying: “They were supposed to be there,” Kirschenheiter said: “No, that was not the case, they were not scheduled to be there.” how do you know? Did you come with the police?

Beddor then denied making the allegations and got into a heated argument with Kirschenheiter.

In her confession, Kirschenheiter spoke about how hurt she was because Bedor spread false information about her 2019 DUI arrest.

“Shannon says this, and then she wants to pretend she didn’t do it, and if you can say things that are very hurtful and you don’t even remember saying them, then you need to get checked out and you’re in rehab,” Kirschenheiter said in his confession.

Kirschenheiter failed to show up for her court hearing shortly after she was arrested for DUI. Her lawyer apparently did not realize that his request to postpone the appointment had been denied and the police had issued an arrest warrant for Kirschenheiter.

Kirschenheiter told Beador that she should “check (herself) into rehab.”

However, Bedor came to Kirschenheiter’s aid and gave her the “friend’s” contact information. Then the “friend”, well-known criminal defense attorney Michael Fell, canceled the arrest warrant.

“I put my kids through everything, so to suggest that the authorities are going to kick my kids out, that they’re going to see me as an unsuitable parent, is ridiculous,” Kirschenheiter said, tearfully during the confession.

Kirschenheiter, who quit drinking alcohol after her arrest, shares sons Nicholas and Luca and daughter Sienna Rose with her ex-husband Matt.

Beador found herself in her own hot spot with the law after she was arrested for allegedly crashing into a home in Newport Beach, California, on Sunday.

Beador was arrested for DUI and hit and run after crashing into a home.

She allegedly left the car after crashing into the residential property before stopping in the middle of the street and pretending to walk her dog, TMZ reported Monday.

Police determined that Beador was intoxicated and took her into custody, where she was booked on charges of hit and run and DUI.

Bravolebrity’s car was seized during the police investigation and she was released without bail.

Beador, who split from boyfriend John Janssen after three-and-a-half years together in January, has been experiencing some of her worst behavior in recent months.

In January, Beador split from boyfriend John Janssen after more than three years together.

Page Six exclusively reported that Beador was “lost” and had to be “removed” from a California bar after getting into a heated argument with Janssen’s daughter.

Janssen confirmed there had been an altercation but denied that Beador had been ejected, telling us: “It was at the end of the night, the lights were on, and everyone was asked to leave.”

“The Real Housewives of Orange County” airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET on Bravo.

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