Sarah Robinson House Update – Residents have told of their plans to return

There are 20 apartments that will remain without gas supply for the time being. This is because SGN needs to carry out further repairs on the gas riser that supplies their apartments. The Council has contacted those affected to discuss whether they wish to return to their homes or remain in alternative accommodation. SGN estimates the work will take about a week.

The update from SGN says: “SGN has been constantly monitoring the gas readings inside Sarah Robinson’s home and can now confirm that it is safe for all residents to return to their homes. This news comes earlier than expected and is testament to the coordinated efforts to ventilate the building. Engineers will remain on site throughout the holiday weekend to continue the next phase of their work and will continue to monitor Sarah Robinson’s home.

Due to the disruption to residents, SGN will compensate each household £70 per day for each full 24-hour period evacuated.

To support residents as they return home, SGN is providing the council with shopping vouchers to distribute to residents whose fridges and freezers had spoiled food due to a power outage in the building.

In addition to SGN’s work, council staff have carried out extensive safety checks at each apartment, which include issuing a new gas safety certificate, carrying out an electrical-visual inspection, checking the water supply in the kitchen and bathroom and ensuring the hot water is working. .

There will be staff on hand to assist with the sanitary disposal of food waste and provide sanitary support to returning residents. All residents will also receive a letter from SGN and a leaflet from the Council containing useful contact numbers should further support be needed.

Cllr Darren Sanders, Cabinet Member for Housing and Tackling Homelessness, said: “I would like to thank all our residents for their continued patience and understanding as we begin to see an end to this unfortunate situation.

“Resident safety is our first priority and we are confident that we have carried out all the necessary checks to ensure that the apartments are safe and ready for re-occupation. All remaining residents who are still not receiving gas supply have been contacted and talked about their options, and we thank them again for their patience and understanding.” This is a very difficult and emotional time.

The Council and SGN will continue to work together to provide residents with support through this process, with staff available at the John Bounds Center and Sarah Robinson House over the weekend. If residents have any concerns, or need assistance arranging transport from their accommodation to home, they are urged to contact the Housing Team on 0239 260 6200. For more information, please go to SGN’s incident page .uk/news/evictions – Sarah Robinson – House – Portsmouth

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