Santa Maria Planning Commissioners approve 235 rental homes, plus condominiums | local news

A proposal to build 235 single-family homes and 229 accessory dwelling units has gone through the Santa Maria Planning Commission approval process, the final phase of a massive build-for-rent development.

On Wednesday night, planning commissioners by a 4-0 vote approved several items related to a pair of projects within the Blosser Ranch development.

Commissioner Tom Lopez abstained from voting and discussion, as he has done on other parts of the Blosser Ranch residential development, because of a potential conflict of interest.

Canfield Development has proposed one project with 58 single-family rental homes plus a community center on 10.5 acres, along with 175 rental units plus a community center on 27 acres.

Commissioner Yasmine Mehajer noted the developer’s efforts to include high-level amenities such as community centers, a pizza oven and more.

“I think this will be a great contribution to the city overall,” she added.

Chairman Tim Seifert also noted that the developers listened to commissioners’ concerns raised during discussions about the previous phases.

“I think we’ve created a beautiful area to live in, and I’m excited to see it built,” Seifert said. “I think this will be a great project.”

The Blosser Ranch project will include single-family and multi-family housing along with sports fields, a fire station, a school and retail space in Santa Maria.
The Blosser Ranch project will include single-family and multi-family housing along with sports fields, a fire station, a school and retail space in Santa Maria. credit: Contribution map

Blosser Ranch is expected to contain 1,492 units, and will fill a large portion of land bounded by Blosser Road, Stowell Road, Depot Street and Battles Road. The housing will include single-family, multi-family and accessory dwelling units.

But Wednesday’s proceedings focused on the last two single-family neighborhoods in the larger project.

For the smaller project, each home will have a detached one-story, one-bedroom attached dwelling unit in the Craftsman architectural style

The larger project will see ADUs in 171 of the 175 homes, and will feature a modern ranch style.

Each single-family lot will include a two-car garage and two driveway spaces.

Additionally, each separate ADU will also include two parking spaces located within the side yard area of ​​the lot.

A total of 30 guest parking spaces are planned for the smaller project and 69 guest parking spaces for the other.

The main entrance and exit for each subsection of Western Avenue is proposed. An exit to La Brea Avenue only is also provided for each development.

The developer requested modifications to some normal development standards, including reducing landscaping to increase front yard paving to accommodate a driveway with tandem parking for the ADUs.

Representatives of Marian Regional Medical Center and AT Still University were among those who spoke out about the need for housing for their staff and students.

“I am here to express my enthusiastic support for this proposal here tonight,” said Ted Windle, senior vice president of AT Still University. ”

Each year, ATSU brings 90 students to its medical training program at Santa Maria, and intends to grow, but struggles to find housing for faculty, staff and students.

“In conclusion, I just want to tell you that this is an important, very attractive development for the development of our university here in this community,” Wendel said.

Commissioners have approved other single-family and apartment projects as part of that development, including two complexes with more than 500 apartments last month.

“We believe this project is very beneficial to the community and will provide high-quality housing to the community at all different income levels,” said Tzimash Yemini of Canfield Development.

In addition to housing, the land is earmarked for city sports fields, a new school, a new fire station, a stormwater detention basin, and retail development.

The Blosser Ranch development is expected to be completed in 2030 at the earliest, according to Canfield’s website.

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